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January 27, 2015
PCT Magazine

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Syngenta Professional Pest Management announced that Zyrox fly granular bait is now registered in the state of California. PMPs in California can now take advantage of the new active ingredient in Zyrox that can serve as an effective resistance management tool in urban, rural and commercial markets, Syngenta says.

“We understand that PMPs need products to work where they are conducting their businesses,” said Gregg Wisniewski, marketing manager for Syngenta PPM in North America. “With this new state registration for Zyrox, PMPs in California can increase the breadth of their business offerings with a novel fly control product.”

The active ingredient in Zyrox, cyantraniliprole, affects the muscular system of a fly to provide quick and efficient control, resulting in fewer callbacks for PMPs, the manufacturer says. Because the active ingredient is new to the market, Zyrox is a new tool to fight the growing problem of resistance. Formulated to be highly attractive, the bait matrix also helps ensure effective fly control at a low use rate (3.2 ounces per 1,000 square feet). Each pound of Zyrox can fill up to twice as many stations as other baits, which allows PMPs to save money by controlling flies with less bait, Syngenta reports.

Zyrox has been approved for use both indoors (in a bait station) and outdoors in the most common areas where high fly densities result in customer complaints. Outdoors it can be applied to areas used for storage of waste in refuse Dumpsters that are fenced in or inaccessible to children and pets around restaurants, taverns, hotels, grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries, warehouses and sports complexes.

Zyrox also can be applied to outdoor areas of commercial operations such as canneries, food-processing plants, kennels, schools, recycling plants, zoos and military installations. For production animal accounts, Syngenta says Zyrox fills a critical resistance management gap for poultry/broiler houses, caged layer houses, swine production structures, livestock housing structures and horse stables.

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Mobile technology is re-shaping how pest control business is being done, with industry professionals improving business processes by eliminating paper forms in the field. Through solutions like ProntoForms, a mobile form application that converts paper inspections, work orders and proposals onto phones and tablets, the firm says technicians can collect information on their devices, including signatures and photos, and immediately send the data to customers, office systems and cloud services such as SharePoint, Dropbox and Salesforce.

Eliminating labor hours associated with manual form data re-entry, information from coaching rides, spot checks, goodwill calls and quality assurance visits to customers can be captured on a smartphone instead of having to carry around a binder full of papers. Sales people can fill out a mobile form on their smartphone and include pictures, videos, links to the website and other related information that previously couldn’t be captured on a one-page quote sheet. Sales staff can complete the form, email it to the customer and email it back to the office, providing everyone with the information in real time.

The move to mobile forms offers firms an opportunity to collect media-rich, accurate data, resulting in higher quality reporting and overall customer service, the company said.

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Adrian Steel

Pest control professionals rely heavily on their ladder to get the job done. Adrian Steel says PMPS should make sure their ladders are safe and secure during transportation with its Load Runner Ladder Rack for full-size pickup trucks.

The Load Runner Ladder Rack features 2-inch durable round tubing and square crossbars, removable center and rear crossbars, and welded tie down cleats to ensure safe transportation of your ladder. The Load Runner fits most GM, Ford and Dodge full-size pickups.

Go online to learn more about all of Adrian Steel’s cargo management solutions for pest control professionals or browse the online Pickup Truck Equipment Catalog.

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Research findings from Rutgers University published in the Entomological Society of America’s Journal of Economic Entomology, which appeared online Sept. 29, 2014, compared nine plant-oil based products alongside two popular pesticides labeled for bed bugs. The report found EcoRaider as the most effective biopesticide for bed bugs, comparable in kill efficacy to the two major synthetics; and it matches or exceeds conventional synthetic pesticides in kill efficacy for adults, eggs and nymphs. Additionally, EcoRaider demonstrated up to two weeks of residual control of bed bugs, the company reports.

With fast kill and strong residual, no signal words or cautions, and no label restriction or precautions on usage, EcoRaider says its product gives pest management professionals an effective tool that can simplify bed bug treatments for both the applicator and the customer. A “green” product, EcoRaider is ideal for sensitive environments where low-impact methods are advised yet excellent efficacy and residual is needed, EcoRaider says. The product also can be incorporated with other green control options such as steam — or as the research shows, as a stand-alone tool for efficient bed bug remediation, the firm reports.

EcoRaider says this research further supports the viability of the “green” trend in pest control. In the past, many such products were lacking in performance, residual activity, or had odor issues.

EcoRaider works by affecting the “octopamine pathway” in invertebrates, a pathway not found in humans or pets, and not targeted by conventional insecticides. This action pathway not only exclusively targets insect pests such as bed bugs, it also presents a viable means to help manage increasing bed bug resistance to conventional synthetics.

EcoRaider is a ready-to-use, naturally derived biopesticide that can be applied anywhere bed bugs are found without restriction. EcoRaider can be used in all environments, including schools, health-care facilities, public spaces, and is an ideal complement to any IPM program, the firm says.

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