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AMS Auger Head Works Well for Manual Installation of Termite Bait Stations


Part #400.79, a one-piece, 2-inch Edelman combination auger head, works well for the manual installation of Sentricon bait stations, AMS Samplers says. This auger head is capable of augering to a depth of 3 feet. The cross handle is welded to the steel extension shaft, which is then welded to the top of the auger head. This one-piece design is versatile, lightweight and easy to carry, the firm says. It requires no assembly in the field and works well in a variety of soil conditions.


Bayer Offers Premise 75WP Buy Two, Get One Free Promotion


PMPs who buy two cases of Premise 75WP can get one free until Sept. 30, 2015. Bayer says with outstanding efficacy, Premise is the best value for a non-repellent termiticide on the market. In addition to its water-soluble packaging, Premise can be applied at the lowest rate currently available.

Premise 75 WP is a non-repellent termiticide that offers high performance, affordability and excellent value, the manufacturer adds. This product cannot be detected by termites, so they tunnel into the treated zone and become exposed to the active ingredient, imidacloprid.


BASF Offers Termidor H-E High-Efficiency Termiticide and Trelona ATBS


Pest management professionals (PMPs) are finding success controlling subterranean termites utilizing liquid and bait products. Now, PMPs have even more choices and all from one manufacturer: BASF. Termidor H-E High-Efficiency Termiticide and Trelona ATBS (Advance Termite Bait System) provides PMPs with leading-edge technology, improved formulations and a variety of application options to control termites efficiently and effectively while improving their bottom line, BASF reports.

Trelona ATBS from BASF is the latest in termite baiting that combines the power of the new active ingredient, novaluron, with the low disturbance and unique strength of the ATBS station design. This fast and effective termite protection system is economical to use and provides PMP the freedom to operate and control their own businesses, the manufacturer says.

Termidor H-E High-Efficiency termiticide delivers optimal application advantages while maximizing profitability. PMPs across the country are now benefiting from the time and labor savings associated with this new innovative product, BASF reports.

BASF offers a broad portfolio of products that focus on improving PMP termite application treatments and increasing PMP profitability.


Control Solutions Begins Production on New Bottle Size for FUSE Termiticide/Insecticide


With flexible exterior perimeter pest control application options, FUSE fits almost any PMP’s perimeter pest control program, Control Solutions says. And now FUSE has become even more convenient for PMPs with the addition of a smaller, 7.5-ounce bottle.

The new 7.5-ounce FUSE bottle is a convenient size for both large tank and backpack or handheld sprayer applications, the manufacturer reports. One bottle makes up to 25 finished gallons and allows for better inventory control, enabling each truck to carry just what is needed for the day’s routes. FUSE fits the daily product needs of most exterior perimeter pest programs, the company adds.


Diversified Plastics Industries Offers E-Z Access Crawlspace Doors


Diversified Plastics Industries now offers its E-Z Access Crawlspace Door in a new black version as well as the original white color. E-Z Access Crawlspace doors can be a profitable add-on service for the pest management professional when performing termite work, wildlife removal or crawlspace encapsulations, the firm says.

Some features include:

  • Attractive design
  • Weather-stripped door
  • Keyed lock
  • Standard or small frame
  • Easy installation
  • Paintable


Dow AgroSciences’ Recruit AG Gets Flexible with Flex Pack


Recruit AG Flex Pack is the newest innovation to the Sentricon System. Recruit AG bait stations are designed to initiate immediate feeding whenever subterranean termite activity is accessible above ground. The new flexible packaging will soon be available and is moldable to allow easier installation around corners, on baseboards and trim, or in tight and angled locations. Or, when preferred, Recruit AG Flex Pack also can be used in the hard plastic case that is designed to be mounted on flat surfaces.

Recruit AG uses the active ingredient noviflumuron. In conjunction with Sentricon System in-ground stations, it is proven to eliminate termite colonies and the termite threat to properties, Dow AgroSciences says. Recruit AG’s label does not have a defined service frequency when used with in-ground Sentricon stations.

Recruit AG Flex Pack is currently in production and will be available to every Certified Sentricon Specialist soon, according to Dave Maurer, portfolio marketing leader with Dow AgroSciences. “Recruit AG is an effective component included in the Sentricon System. The Flex Pack innovation makes it even easier to use,” he says.

A number of Certified Sentricon Specialists have field-tested Recruit AG Flex Pack at termite-infested sites. “Flex Pack absolutely makes it easier to install,” says Dan Foster, general manager for Terminix Pest Control in Houma, La. “It lets us utilize the above-ground stations in a better way. That’s one of the things we appreciate about the Sentricon System — it is constantly being improved through research.”


Ensystex’sThor Offers Complete Termite Control Lineup


With the launch of the compact ISOPTHOR EZE in-ground termite bait station, Ensystex has further solidified its commitment to termite control, the firm says. Ensystex says it is the only manufacturer that offers all five termite treatment methods, including fumigation, non-repellent termiticide, repellent termiticide, borates and baiting:

  • Zythor is a gas fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride)
  • Prothor is a non-repellent termiticide (imidacloprid SC [21.4%] and WSP [75%])
  • Maxxthor is a repellent termiticide (bifenthrin SC [7.9%] and EC [23.4%])
  • Borathor is a borate (powder [98%] and glycol [40%])
  • Exterra and Isopthor are termite baits (diflubenzuron bait)

THOR’s team of technical representatives is strategically located across the country and average 15 years of experience selling both industry products and services. PMPs are accustomed to immediate returned calls, off-hour support and frequent site visits from the Ensystex staff, the firm reports.

Founded in 1994 by a PCO intent on changing the landscape of the industry, Thor’s effort represents the first time a PMP has started a chemical company with the purpose of developing and marketing products for the industry, the firm says.


Executive Pest Control Products Manufactures Three Different Termite Drill Repair Plugs


Executive Pest Control Products (EPCP) of Sanger, Texas, says it is proud to announce the firm is now manufacturing three different styles of termite drill repair plugs. The firm manufactures the Super Plug, Sealtite PlastiPlug and the Triseal plug.

EPCP says it has been manufacturing drill hole repair plugs for more than 15 years and can provide any of the three time-tested designs that today’s termite professional needs. EPCP also manufactures wall injectors, clear puffer dusters, the new Clear Long Shot Puffer Duster, Can Keepers and bait tube plungers.

All three plug styles, as well as the company’s other professional products, can be purchased through most distributors.


Watch and Learn: FMC Video Gives Tips for Totality Wood Treatment Applications


FMC offers pest management professionals eight tips for using its new Totality Wood Treatment in a video released recently on the company’s YouTube channel. A liquid insecticide that bonds to wood and wood-based materials, Totality repels and eliminates termites and other wood-destroying insects with just one treatment, saving PMPs up to 20 minutes per application when compared to competitive wood treatment products, FMC reports.

To watch the video, visit the FMCpest channel on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/16Kx2vA.

“Totality makes pre-construction and post-construction wood treatments easier than ever before,” said Steven Mora, insecticide product manager, FMC. “Watch this four-minute video to learn how Totality can save you time and money, plus some great tips for applying it correctly and efficiently.”

Totality Wood Treatment provides wood protection for use in pre-construction, post-construction, industrial pressure treatment and existing wood-destroying insect control services. It is labeled for drywood and subterranean termites (including Formosan termites), carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, deathwatch beetles, old-house borers and others. Totality is available through pest management distribution channels.


Nisus Corporation Offers New Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty to PMPs


There is a new construction termite treatment that has the performance to offer a 30-year limited warranty, Nisus Corp. reports. Nisus now offers the Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty to pest control companies that register treated homes and inspect them annually. “Bora-Care’s performance as a standalone new construction treatment is unmatched in the industry,” says Kevin L. Kirkland, president/CEO of Nisus Corporation. “The warranty clearly demonstrates our confidence in this product.”

There has been a dramatic shift in the way builders treat for termites in new construction, Nisus reports. Bora-Care eliminates the need to pump chemicals into the soil at home sites and a Bora-Care termite treatment can also speed up production because there is no need to treat the soil before the concrete is poured, the company adds.

Bora-Care termiticide is applied to wood during the dried-in phase of construction. Bora-Care has been applied to more than 1.5 million homes. It has been proven to last longer and can earn green points for builders, the firm reports.

The damage repair warranty gives builders peace of mind knowing their homes can be protected from termites for the length of a standard 30-year mortgage, Nisus adds. The Bora-Care 30-Year Limited Warranty protects a home from subterranean termites. A whole house treatment also can be performed to protect the structure from drywood and Formosan termites, which can enter homes through windows and attics, the manufacturer says.


CimeXa Insecticide Dust Provides Control of Drywood Termites


CimeXa Insecticide Dust provides exceptional treatment for the prevention and control of drywood termites and remains viable for up to 10 years if undisturbed, Rockwell Labs Ltd reports. The product is comprised of 100 percent amorphous silica gel and is odorless, non-repellent and features an extremely low toxicity profile, the firm adds.

This insecticide also is effective against bed bugs (including pyrethroid- and neonicotinoid-resistant strains), spiders, fleas, ticks, lice, cockroaches, ants, firebrats, silverfish and mites. The label allows the product to be used to treat cracks, crevices, attics, voids and many other areas. For greater application diversity, CimeXa also may be mixed with water and sprayed, which will leave a fine coating of the dust once dried. CimeXa is packed in quarts, which hold 4 ounces of the light dust and 5-gallon pails that hold 5 pounds. The standard usage rate is 2 ounces per 100 square feet.


Syngenta: Inspecting for Termites Just Got Easier


Termite control can be ineffective if you can’t find all the termites on a customer’s property. In addition to well-trained eyes, a powerful flashlight and a probe, there are unique tools PMPs can use to ensure a thorough termite inspection:

  • Methane Detectors — Termites produce methane gas that can be sensed by hand-held detectors. Insert a probe into the inspection area and an alarm will sound if the level indicates an infestation.
  • Infrared Cameras — Infrared cameras can detect temperature differences between termites and the surrounding environment. They can be a useful tool when detecting termites in areas out of reach or behind walls.
  • Acoustic Detectors — These sensors can monitor a termite’s signature chewing sounds, and small wireless options that are left in place can alert an inspector of their presence via SMS or email. 
  • Optical Borescope — Optical fibers provide illumination so users can see images through the eye piece or an attached camera. A hole must be drilled into the wall to insert the scope, but it shows how vast the termite damage may be without removing an entire wall.
  • Moisture Meters — Subterranean termites require a high level of moisture to survive. Moisture meters can detect termites in areas that are inaccessible during normal inspections. A moisture level of 20 percent or greater is a strong indicator of termites.

If termites are found, Altriset termiticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) can control termites with a low use rate and has an excellent environmental profile when used according to the label, the firm says. Altriset paralyzes termites’ mouthparts and increases aggregation, helping to spread the active ingredient between other colony members. — Nicky Gallagher, technical services manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management


Tramex Offers Moisture Meters for Termite Control


Moisture is a critical factor in termite biology, therefore detecting and reducing water sources are key steps in a successful pest management program.

For 2015, Tramex has a selection of meters and a kit for pest management professionals. Tramex moisture meters help determine if existing conditions are conducive to infestations of termites, carpenter ants and other wood-destroying insects. The meters help decide on the optimal placement of above-ground bait stations and also can be a useful monitoring tool during follow-up inspections after a termite treatment. Assessing moisture level changes pre- and post-treatment can be useful in determining whether or not further investigation is warranted.

The Tramex MEP is a non-invasive inspection tool ideal for the detection of the high levels of moisture conducive to termite activity and will help perform a more thorough inspection, increasing disclosure and possibly decreasing liability. Results could lead to a satisfied customer, enhancement of your professional image, fewer callbacks and increased sales, the company reports.

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