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Service Pro

Service Pro has introduced a new version of ServSuite Mobile for Commercial Applications, extending the operational functionality of ServSuite Mobile to manage commercial accounts in various industries like manufacturing, food service, warehouse, schools, institutions and offices. Through real-time data syncing over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, ServSuite Mobile Commercial enables pest control companies to track, manage and complete commercial services with the option to create a custom plan and facility layout and reduce data-entry and hand-written error by scanning common 1D and 2D barcodes with a device camera or third-party Bluetooth scanner for bait station tracking. ServSuite Mobile also allows technicians to monitor bait stations by recording observations, replacing materials used and activity resolution.

ServSuite Mobile works on multiple mobile operating systems including Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPad and iPhones, and Windows tablet.

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Coxreels has introduced the 1600 Series hand crank and motorized hose reels. With its versatile design, the reel has a wide array of component configurations and is available in many sizes. The 1600 Series offers a variety of drum and disc size combinations for many dimensions and hose length capacities and is currently available in 1-inch and 1½-inch NPT, BSP or NST nickel-plated swivel inlets.

The new reel features original add-ons and an all-welded “hybrid” frame with the strength of an “A” frame mounted on a box frame. Some new options include a universal bracket kit to accommodate the bevel gear rewind system and hose guide rollers at various angles; three gear ratio idler gears to reduce speed and increase torque on motorized versions; a patent pending three-way industrial duty pin lock that can rewind, lock and disengage the reel for free unwind; and a three-way brake with lock, drag friction and free-spinning positions featuring high-performance composite brake pad material, the firm says.

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Fleetmatics Group, a provider of mobile workforce solutions for service businesses, including pest management, has released a new platform and three new products: Reveal, a business intelligence-based fleet-management solution for small- and mid-sized businesses; Reveal+, which extends Reveal to larger enterprises; and Work, a field service-management solution.

Fleetmatics’ products provide intelligence, such as how the fleet has performed operationally in the past and how that compares with similar businesses; enables rapid set up with no up-front investment, allowing customers to generate ROI quickly; allows Fleetmatics to collect and analyze high-value data points from across its customer base of 22,000 service fleets and then deliver historical and benchmarking information and insights back to its customers; and free training and ongoing support.

Reveal is a GPS vehicle-tracking solution, with native apps for iPhone and Android, designed to provide clear visibility into field activity and actionable insight into driver behavior and workforce productivity metrics. Reveal+ extends Reveal, providing tools to enable larger customers to manage complex organizational structures and large numbers of users and to produce executive level reporting across the enterprise. Work is a mobile field service management solution designed to manage customers, jobs, schedules, invoices and fieldworkers. It integrates with Reveal to provide additional insight into workforce productivity.

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CAS Dataloggers

Offering temperature-monitoring wireless equipment that validates extermination temperature(s), CAS Dataloggers has introduced a new Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit to provide pest management professionals and their customers with data and graphs proving that the temperature was maintained above the critical point for a sufficient time to ensure complete pest eradication. The kit enables multi-point remote monitoring, wireless communication ranging out to 500 feet, probes and documentation software for less than $2,000, CAS Dataloggers reports.

Suitable for thermal sterilization work up to 175°F, including bed bug control, the kit includes six Wireless Ambient Temperature Data Loggers and units with a 10-foot probe to monitor the temperature in narrow spaces between mattresses, inside walls and cabinets, or under carpets. Three of the data loggers are equipped with internal temperature sensors with a measuring range of -40°F to 176°F, and three feature external sensors measuring from -76°F to 311°F. Each logger features a 16,000-point memory and portable carrying case.

The RTR-501 and RTR-502 Wireless Data Loggers, along with the Handheld RTR-500DC Data Collector, allow the pest management professional to remotely monitor and record temperature data from a 500-foot range and in real time.

The optional USB RTR-500 Wireless Base Station interfaces with PCs for remote monitoring. All temperature data can be downloaded, graphed and printed with the included Windows software to provide a hard copy report.

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