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July 23, 2014

Bell Laboratories

Building on the versatility of Bell’s triangular RTU Mouse Bait Station, the new Protecta Evo Mouse takes mouse bait stations “a step further,” said Bell Product Manager Kate Mella. Protecta Evo Mouse is designed to give PMPs a choice in bait to use — either Blox or soft bait. Its increased bait storage capacity holds two Blox of bait, twice as much as RTU, which allows more mice to feed from a single station. For soft bait, Evo Mouse has bait rods to securely hold soft bait sachets. Its patent-pending, internal teeth clamp onto the soft bait paper, minimizing paper displacement. To reduce service time, Protecta Evo Mouse utilizes a single-locking mechanism that locks automatically when closed and unlocks with the Evo single-lock key.

Manufactured from a plastic polymer, the station’s one-piece construction with “living hinge” is built to withstand extreme environmental conditions indoors and out, giving PMPs years of service, the company said.

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Innoquest, a designer and manufacturer of sensors and measurement instruments, offers the SpotOn Spray Tip Tool Kit, which helps operators check spray tips in 10 seconds.

This preassembled kit gives sprayer operators everything they need to find worn nozzles, verify application rate, clean plugged tips and strainers, as well as calibrate sprayers, the firm says.

Each kit includes SpotOn products like the Sprayer Output Calculator and comes with gloves, goggles and a compact carry case. In addition, kits come with:

  • Digital sprayer calibrator, which provides accurate tip flow measurement in seconds
  • Air blast tip cleaner and tip multi-tool, which clears plugged spray tips with a 50 PSI air blast

Video demonstrations of the SpotOn Tip Cleaner and the SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator are available on YouTube. Innoquest has been designing and manufacturing sensors and instruments made in the U.S.A. since 1993.

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BASF’s Pest Control Solutions business announced Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide is now registered for use in California.

Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide provides the same efficacy PMPs have come to expect from Termidor, BASF says, but allows for application with 50 percent less water and 77 percent smaller trenches. Pest management professionals can use the time and resources saved to complete more jobs and increase profits, the firm reports.

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Marathon Data Systems

Marathon Data Systems’ PestPac LogIt is designed to replace manual logs utilized in sanitation audits in food and medical processing plants. The new iPad application serves as a digital logbook for pest control companies servicing these plants, creating a new, seamless and digital auditing process, Marathon reports.

The firm says PestPac LogIt’s simple and intuitive interface enables users to quickly access technician certifications, safety data sheets (SDS), pest activity trend logs and other key documents. Working in conjunction with Marathon Mobile, technicians can easily capture and scan pest activity, record actions taken and capture important signatures. The data syncs with PestPac LogIt’s application to produce robust trending reports and charts. All of the data, documents and reports sync back to PestPac and are stored on an iPad, creating an easy-to-use digital logbook.

“The log book plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of the products delivered by food and medical processing plants; PestPac LogIt improves the traditional model,” said Chris Sullens, CEO and president of Marathon Data Systems. “Our new PestPac LogIt software takes the traditional three-ring binder and transforms it to match the needs of modern pest control companies. Behind the easy-to-understand interface is powerhouse technology for rapid data collection, assessment and reporting, making the paperless audit a reality.”

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JobFlex, a Midwest software company in Sparta, Mich., has released a new app that provides contractors with new mobile technology for the creation of professional quotes and estimates in the field. To use, upload a material/pricing list, logo and terms and conditions, and the app is ready to go. Take pictures on-site or import photos saved on the tablet to enhance quotes. JobFlex is owned and operated by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the contracting business.

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