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November 16, 2009

J.F. Oakes


J.F. Oakes offers a new and improved perforation system on the XLure R.T.U.-Combo4 and R.T.U.-IMM Diamond Traps. Improvements to perforations allow the sides to fold in much easier than before, the company reports. Trap graphics and packaging have changed to a new blue and white color scheme. XLure R.T.U.- Combo4 and R.T.U.-IMM Diamond Traps are pre-baited with multiple pheromones to capture stored product insects (Indian Meal moth, almond, raisin, tobacco and Mediterranean flour moths, cigarette, warehouse and Khapra beetles). XLure pre-baited glue traps feature multiple pheromones inserted during the manufacturing process. XLure products provide a steady release of pheromones over 8 to 10 weeks.

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Dow AgroSciences


Dow AgroSciences is offering a special promotion on Halo Electronic Termite Detection through the end of 2009. With the purchase of four cartons of Halo monitoring stations, pest management professionals will receive one carton free. Halo Detection is state-of-the-art termite monitoring technology, says Dow AgroSceinces. It doesn’t treat termites with baits or liquids, but can help generate leads for future termite treatments by making homeowners aware of termite activity on their property.



Earth Care Products


Clear the Air Pet Odor Eliminator by Earth Care Products is a natural non-toxic odor removal product designed to tackle pet, musty mildew odor, dead rodent or other organic smell challenges. Clear the Air does not have any fragrance; it removes the odor, the company says.

Earth Care Products use anions (negatively charged particles) that attract ions (positively charged particles). Odor molecules are either ions or ride-on ions so there is a natural positive to negative attraction. Odor molecules cling to the surface of the anion until an ion exchange takes place, which results in the odor molecule giving up an atom of oxygen or nitrogen. This results in an elimination of odor-producing substances. The product does not have to come in contact with the odor source to work.

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Anstar Products


Anstar Products recently announced newly updated product sheets for the CleanRite Biozyme and the TrapRite stations. Other information now available online includes a PMP checklist for small fly breeding zones, a CleanRite tri-fold handout, a review of the CleanRite Biozyme System and a review of TrapRite stations.

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Wildlife Management Supplies


Wildlife Management Supplies offers the new foldable Cahaba Snake Trap, which comes with one replaceable glue insert (additional inserts available for purchase). The product’s folding feature allows PMPs to store the traps behind their seat, or along the bed wall of their truck, thus saving space. According to the company, the trap is durable, reusable and disposable and constructed of weatherproof twin wall corrugated plastic. The Cahaba Snake Trap may be used indoors or outdoors.

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Rockwell Labs Ltd


New InVite Multi-Insect Lure is now available from Rockwell Labs Ltd. InVite Multi-Insect Lure contains a blend of multiple pheromone and food attractants for pantry beetles and moths in a gel form. The gel is packed in an easy-to-use syringe containing six 3-cc doses. The gel may be placed on any glueboard to create a non-toxic, pesticide-free trap. For monitoring applications, the D-Sect IPM Station works for discreet, professional, "smush-proof" trapping, Rockwell Labs reports. InVite Multi-Insect Lure also can be placed in the Hanging PFT Station with water to make a higher volume, economical trap for flying pantry pests.

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