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Industry software suppliers are changing the way PCOs do business by offering innovative solutions backed by extensive support.

November 16, 2009

A&K Computers

1298 Kifer Rd., Suite 505

Sunnyvale, CA 94086



A&K Computers’ goal is to serve the pest control industry by simplifying and standardizing the use of technology with the highest quality support and products, including:

  • WinPCO – General pest control office management software
  • WinTOS – Termite report writer
  • WinIPM – Barcoding system for commercial/termite monitoring

Benefits of this software include: Easy to use due to intuitiveness and exact duplicated system of how a typical PMP would operate manually; not too heavily dependent on computers or Internet, rather simply focusing on automating the most time consuming portion of their business (e.g., the barcoding system only takes a couple of minutes to completely train the tech with laser scanner how to use them). A&K said their firm offers solutions for software challenges facing the pest control industry, which they say relies too much on Internet information and the emphasis on technology rather than a "professional and personal touch."


EasyBee Software

642 Cross St.

Springville, AL 35146



Getting to the data in the field has become much easier and affordable with advances in Internet services and laptop computers. The biggest challenge now is getting the proper documents printed in the field, according to EasyBee Software. The pest control software product series from EasyBee is designed to help pest control companies manage the routing, scheduling and billing of recurring services, including termite inspection services. It covers the entire spectrum from monthly pest control service to termite renewals, with an easy-to-use Windows-based interface. EasyBee offer two versions of this pest control software product in the U.S., and one in a UK and Australia version, from a small pest control service company to a multi-user corporate network termite inspection service operation. Both are desktop-based solutions:

  • ProServe II US & Canada Version
  • ProServe II PLUS US Version Only
  • ProServe II UK and Australia Version


In-Quiz-It Software

P.O. Box 1917

Wake Forest, NC 27588



In-Quiz-It Software has been developing software solutions for the international professional pest management industry’s needs for more than 15 years. The company introduced bar coding technology for purposes of pest management service and issues tracking. Primary goals of In-Quiz-It’s products simply are to enable the PMP to easily record services in detail and maintain those records in a very usable form. Its customers find the information valuable for enhancing the effectiveness of their services, in client communications, in reducing liability risks, and in streamlining regulatory compliance with food safety standards such as GFSI, BRC, FDA, AIB and SQF. In-Quiz-It Software’s U-Trap-It Pest Management System helps manage industrial or municipal pest management plans. U-Trap-It tracks all pest observations and services including those in areas where there are no devices. U-Trap-It analyzes the information collected and alerts the user to issues that exceed thresholds. The system also tracks issues that may affect pest management, such as sanitation/maintenance issues. It then assures remediation of those issues by tracking the corrective actions taken. The U-Trap-It System provides a wealth of information in the form of reports, graphs and floor plans. The information provided by the U-Trap-It System enables the service provider to raise the level of their service to Integrated Pest Protection (IPP), the company reports. IPP is a level of service in which pests are prevented before they ever become a problem.



2632 Marine Way

Mountain View, CA 94043



Intuit offers a new online scheduling and payment management application called Field Service Management ES, designed specifically to integrate with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Intuit’s mid-market ERP system. Field Service Management ES is designed to handle all aspects of managing service technicians in the field from accepting payments to shuffling job orders, utilizing the latest GPS, mobile and payments processing technology. The company’s most recent introduction is Intuit GoPayment, now available on the App Store. The GoPayment App is a new way to process credit card payments using iPhone and iPod touch. The free download turns iPhone or iPod touch into an affordable and hassle-free credit card terminal.


Marathon Data Systems

4810 Belmar Boulevard

Wall Township, NJ 07753



Marathon Data Systems (MDS) is bringing solutions to meet challenges it believes are facing the pest control industry, including: 1) Being able to select a partner that can grow with their technology needs, supporting them today and as technology shifts, providing them with access to new technology without having to switch vendors; and 2) calculating ROI on the new technology products in which they invest. MDS has solutions for meeting these challenges including: Web site search engine optimization service; Web site search engine marketing; and service print marketing materials. What sets Marathon Data Systems and PestPac Software apart is the company’s depth of software application and its knowledge of and commitment to the pest management industry, according to MDS. MDS adds new features to PestPac’s current capabilities and develops new areas so that it handles every aspect of a pest management business from office management to inventory, to Web site integration to business intelligence.


New Image Software

11601 Pebblepointe Pass

Carmel, IN 46033



New Image Software offers WDI FX Pest Control Software, Inspector FX Home Inspection Software, Smart Serve Paperless Office and New Image Paperless Office. The company specializes in the green paperless office as well as mobile workers. It can print on plain paper — no pre-printed forms are required. All software runs on a desktop or server. WDI FX is available on a purchase or subscription basis. It can be used by individual PCOs or multi-office organizations. New Image Software is bringing solutions to help PCOs economically connect the office and field using digital technology.


RDF Software

P.O. BOX 46

Richmond, TX 77406-0046



The Structural Pest Control System (SPCS) has all the features needed to manage a pest control operation efficiently, according to RDF. Scheduling, routing, invoicing, billing, chemical tracking, credit card and check processing, salesman and technician commissions, termite reports, QuickBooks link, email, and mobile computing are just some of the many features SPCS offers. SPCS is installed on computers; it does not require an Internet connection. Remote access to SPCS through an Internet connection is easy to setup if desired. There are no monthly or annual fees or contracts. Managing schedules and routes, record keeping, and billing are some of the many challenges pest control companies face today. Finding a way to do this affordably with minimal training can be equally challenging. The Structural Pest Control System was designed with these goals in mind and provides a solution that is easy to use for an affordable price, according to SPCS. The company’s Web site offers a free demonstration.


Service Pro.net

225 N. 5th Street, Suite 200

Columbus, OH 43215



ServicePro.net offers a variety of software solutions including pest control-specific software for routing, scheduling, billing, handhelds and e-commerce. The company also offers Web site design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), statements and work order form printing. Servicepro.net is a family-run business that provides unlimited tech support to all its customers year-round. The company offers extended support hours on Sundays from 2 to 10 p.m.; Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m (all hours Eastern Standard Time).

ServicePro.net’s pest control-specific software utilizes the most advanced technology in the software industry by being a true browser-based system, according to the company. This offers its customers the flexibility of being able to run on Apple, Linix, Windows or all three at the same time in the same office. With this technology, ServicePro.net customers are given a choice of whether to store the data locally (in their office) or on the web. ServicePro.net also offers continuing education classes to advance and challenge its current customers to utilize the software even further than they expected. This allows them to re-evaluate the way they currently run their business and look at options to further streamline operations through personalized classes or networking among other ServicePro.net family of companies. ServicePro.net’s inventory tracking system allows ServicePro.net customers to track their chemical, bait stations, glueboards, equipment, etc. This gives the owner/operator exact snapshots of what inventory is on hand in the office and on each truck. Technicians are now more accountable than ever for product they use.