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September 28, 2012

Wildlife Control Supplies


Trap-Alert provides remote monitoring of traps with a module that uses wireless technology. Trap-Alert detects when a trap has been triggered, enabling users to actively monitor the status and location of traps through a web-based application. The Trap-Alert System includes the Trap-Alert web application, an efficient way to manage many traps, Wildlife Control Supplies says. Sensor kits enable retrofitting of existing cages, allowing traps and devices to be changed out on the job by unplugging one device and replacing it with another. Trap-Alert’s rechargeable batteries enable a 45- to 60-day run-time per charge. The strength of the battery and wireless signal for each unit is shown on the Trap-Alert web application and can be accessed on a smartphone.

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Bell Laboratories


Designed to look like an electrical/utility box, Bell Laboratories’ newest tamper-resistant bait station, Protecta Evo Circuit, is specialized for accounts where discretion is paramount — restaurants, museums and other public places where customers are sensitive to obvious signs of pest control.

The bait station is designed for use indoors or out, can be positioned horizontally or vertically to hold traps or bait, and comes with bait-securing rods in two sizes. Mounted vertically on walls, Protecta Evo Circuit holds eight 1-ounce bait Blox on four rods. Placed horizontally on the ground or floor, the station holds four 1-ounce bait Blox on the shorter rods, the T-Rex rat snap trap or the mouse-sized Mini-Rex. The rods lock into the station and won’t fall out during servicing, the company said.

The station measures about 9 by 9 by by 4 1/8 inches, is made of heavy-duty, l00 percent recycled injection-molded plastic in black or grey, and has a software-compatible bar code inside the lid and a slot for a service card. It is designed to meet EPA-established protocols for Tier 1 distinction.

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Marathon Data Systems


A new PestPac CallAhead module from Marathon Data Systems enables voice notification service fully integrated with PestPac software. The module is available for clients who host PestPac on their own servers and for hosted clients with PestPac version 1.41.6.

With CallAhead, companies using PestPac can select groups of customers to notify through the Service Order report. Several pre-recorded messages come standard, with the option to record custom messages. Text alerts are also available. Calls and texts are logged through PestPac’s notification settings, and notes are logged automatically on client accounts. Customers can confirm or reschedule the appointment by hitting a number on the keypad.

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CAS Data Loggers


For use during heat treatments for bed bugs, CAS DataLoggers now offers the Thermal Remote Monitoring Kit to verify that the correct temperature is reached and maintained.

Suitable for any thermal treatment up to 175°F (79°C), the kit includes six wireless temperature data loggers and a 10-foot probe to monitor the temperature in hard-to-reach spaces, such as between mattresses, within walls or under rugs and carpets. Comprehensive monitoring can be conducted with three data loggers.Logger memory holds 16,000 points of data and users can monitor and record temperature from a 500-foot range and in real-time. Users can download data to a PC via USB or the kit’s optional USB wireless base station.

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Bayer CropScience


Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience, announced that Suspend PolyZone now is approved for use in California. The new technology received EPA approval last year and has been on the market since February.

The proprietary polymer in Suspend PolyZone provides a long-lasting shield against weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion, and provides up to 90 days of residual outdoor perimeter control, according to the manufacturer. Suspend PolyZone controls indoor general household pests, outdoor perimeter pests and wood-infesting pests.

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It is becoming common for building architects, owners and project managers to implement bird-prevention strategies during the design stage of projects instead of waiting until infestations become a problem, Bird-X said.

Many design features attract pest birds, including potential nesting sites, such as ornamental façades, open vents, HVAC equipment, electrical boxes, open light fixtures, signs and more.

Bird-X said its consultants are able to identify potential problem areas and provide architectural specifications for bird control products that can be built into the facility design from the start, creating a preventive bird control approach that is more efficient, humane, eco-friendly and less expensive than a retrospective control method.

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AllPro Vector Group


AllPro Vector Group has developed and registered Envion RTU, a new, ready-to-use, water-based mosquito adulticide for the control of airborne pests such as mosquitoes, biting midges and black flies. As a water-based adulticide, Envion RTU addresses the concern of environmental stewardship by substituting water for oil as the inert ingredient, the company says.

The formulation technology is a third-generation, stable micro-emulsion that does not fall out of solution, allowing for replacement of the oil with water without sacrificing results, according to the manufacturer. Envion RTU is 4 percent permethrin and 4 percent Piperonyl butoxide and can be diluted with water instead of oil diluents.

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HIS Consulting & Graphics


HIS Consulting & Graphics has launched a new website designed to make choosing and ordering ad specialties simpler, the firm says. The new site enables small businesses to search for and choose promotional items. Included is a quick search engine, “virtual sampling” technology through which a user can upload a logo and text and automatically apply it to all “virtual sampling ready” products, proper logo sizing and positioning, and logo updating with a click.

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