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September 29, 2015

Rockwell Labs

Rockwell has introduced EcoVia IB Insect Bloks, which contain a blend of botanical insecticide oils in a pleasantly scented block form, the company says. EcoVia IB emits insecticidal vapors that repel insects from an area and can kill insects in smaller enclosed spaces. The vapor release is enhanced when the Bloks slowly dissolve in water, such as when placed in beverage fountain drip trays or drains. Ideal for repelling small flies such as fruit flies from beer taps, drains and other problem areas, they can be used in conjunction with InVade Bio Bullets, which provide bio sanitation of these areas, the company said. EcoVia IB Bloks also can be used dry to repel ants and other insects from electrical boxes, trash cans and other small enclosed spaces. The Bloks are a FIFRA 25(b) exempt product; they are available in resealable foil pouches containing 36 50-gram Bloks or 15 100-gram Bloks.


ServicePro, creators of ServSuite enterprise pest control software, has a new look. The updated branding is intended to capture the energy, freshness and innovation of the company, officials say. The change will bring redesigned brand logos, and a new user interface for ServSuite, while keeping the same functionality. ServicePro will use this as the basis for all new features that it has announced for this year, the company reports.

MistAway Systems

MistAway Systems, a manufacturer of mosquito misting systems, has introduced iMistAway, a technology that wirelessly connects its misting control units to the Internet. iMistAway allows MistAway’s dealers to monitor their customers’ misting systems through a web browser or smartphone, enabling activities like auditing the volume of insecticide remaining in the unit and checking for error conditions like a cut line or tripped GFI — without the cost of a service trip.

The solution includes an app that a pest management professional/dealer can load onto its customer’s smartphone. The app can be customized with the dealer’s name and logo and allows customers to see their system’s status or use their smartphones to trigger or stop a mist. The app also enables the customer to easily contact his or her MistAway dealer or Refer a Friend.

With iMistAway, MistAway dealers can reduce operating costs while providing a superior level of service to their customers, the company says. The solution may be retrofitted to all MistAway systems sold since 2007, and is available exclusively to MistAway dealers.


Bird-X has added GooseBuster PRO to its line of bird control products. Developed with more than 30 years of research and field tests, the new single-speaker GooseBuster PRO humanely scares geese away from areas up to an acre and a half, building on the success of the larger four-speaker Original GooseBuster, the company said. The new unit delivers the same sonic repelling efficacy as the original unit but is less expensive and designed to cover smaller areas, the firm said.

Featuring an actual alert and alarm calls naturally recorded in the wild, the GooseBuster PRO covers treated areas by broadcasting sounds without chemicals or mess; is harmless to children, pets and people; and is completely humane to birds, Bird-X reports. GooseBuster PRO combines sounds that have proven effective for three decades with newer discoveries such as shotgun sounds and coyote barks. Ideal for condo associations, business parks, lakefront properties and any small area with goose problems, the GooseBuster PRO addresses the need to keep areas free from geese and their droppings. The unit is customizable, and calls can vary in frequency, duration and intervals, and may be combined or randomized, giving the user control of the sounds emitted. The GooseBuster PRO comes with a six-month warranty, a 30-day electronics satisfaction guarantee and full product support.

Two Technologies

Two Technologies has unveiled its newest ultra-rugged handheld device: The N5Print, an all-in-one device that enables communications, data input, credit card transactions, photography, scanning and on-the-spot printing.

Utilizing a rain-resistant 5.7-inch diagonal high-resolution 1080 X 1920 Super AMOLED display touchscreen, the N5Print’s on-screen keyboard delivers full functionality for on-site data capture. Designed to execute critical functions regardless of the primary application, data can be uploaded even if other activities are being executed.

In case of an emergency in the field, the N5Print includes an alert button that can be programmed to send a SMS text message while running an unrelated application or no application at all.

The unit’s 13MP color camera, audio and video recording functions provide employees with the ability to capture multiple types of data and store in N5Print’s 16GB internal memory and 64GB MicroSD. Users can print 3-inch receipts or other data directly from the integrated thermal printer.

The N5Print runs Android OS version 4.4.4 (KitKat), features a hot-swappable battery, three-channel magnetic stripe reader, NFC, Smart Card Reader and a dedicated barcode scanner. A drop-in cradle with spare battery charger may be used for desktop or vehicle mounting.