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June 28, 2011

Central Life Sciences


Zenprox EC is a broad-spectrum contact kill product approved for indoor use. Zenprox EC controls more than 25 different insects including fleas, bed bugs, ants and cockroaches with an extended residual, Central Life Sciences reports. It is also effective in suppressing egg hatch of bed bugs and kills newly hatched bed bugs. Zenprox EC provides PMPs with an ideal tank mix partner for use with Gentrol IGR or Precor IGR. The combination of a contact kill product and an IGR helps provide complete control for a variety of insects and helps prevent reinfestations.

The active ingredient in Zenprox EC, etofenprox, is non-repellent. Approved for indoor use, Zenprox EC can be used as a broadcast, spot or crack-and-crevice treatment to control pests in homes, hotels, schools and commercial properties.

Zoëcon is offering a cash rebate of $15 for every case or $2.50 for each 16-ounce bottle of Zenprox EC purchased. All purchases made between June 1 and Sept. 30 are eligible for the rebate with proof of purchase submitted by Nov. 1.


Bell Laboratories


Bell Labs’ bait Contrac is now available with Lumitrack, a special additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright green under UV light. When used as a perimeter bait, Contrac With Lumitrack helps PMPs determine if rodents are gaining access to a building’s interior and, if so, where those access points are. This provides valuable insight for establishing additional bait placements as well as where exclusionary methods need to be employed. Drop ceilings, sub-floors, wall voids and other dark, hard-to-access areas are also difficult to clearly document rodent activity. Using Contrac With Lumitrack, PMPs can identify and track rodent movement faster and more accurately, Bell Labs says. Contrac With Lumitrack uses the same Contrac formula, but in addition to Lumitrack, this formula also incorporates a new preservative system that inhibits mold growth even under harsh conditions. For a limited time, Bell is providing a free black light inside all 18-pound pails of Contrac With Lumitrack.

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Bayer Environmental Science


Maxforce Refillable Buffet Stations are now available for sale through local Bayer distributors. The bait stations, which are also sold with Maxforce Quantum ant gel bait, are packaged in boxes of 48, allowing PMPs to utilize the stations with other baits such as Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel. Maxforce Refillable Buffet Stations extend the attractiveness of bait by protecting it from the elements and eliminating bait absorption into porous surfaces. The stations are designed to be easy to fill and inspect, and to be effective for both indoor and outdoor use for ants and cockroaches. Made of 100-percent recycled plastic, each station features four bait reservoirs, an entrance ramp large enough to accommodate large cockroaches, and an internal bridge that allows ants to easily traverse the station.

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Marathon Data Systems


The Multi-Unit Commercial Service Module is now available to PestPac Software customers. This module is the centerpiece of PestPac’s latest software release, version 1.40. It was designed to help PMPs more effectively service clients who manage or operate multiple-unit buildings. The module is fully integrated with PestPac, PestPac Mobile and the company’s Premium Customer Portal, reducing training ramp time and making it convenient and cost effective to use right out of the box, the company says. According to Marathon Data Systems, with this module, customers can automate follow-up service and task management for bed bug services, set up hundreds of units in multiple buildings within minutes, store unit-specific contact information for tenants and more.

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FMC Professional Solutions


FMC Professional Solutions is offering a "Buy Nine Get One Free" promotion through Nov. 30. During the promotion period, PMPs who purchase nine bags of Talstar PL (25-pound bag) or Talstar EZ featuring Verge technology (25-pound bag) receive the tenth bag free. Honored at the time of purchase, this promotion is designed as a cost-effective way for pest management professionals to experience the performance of Talstar, the company said.

Talstar PL granular insecticide features a sand core granular structure that is heavy and penetrates mulch with no odor and no watering needed, the company says. The heavy granule is designed to prevent its drifting off target or being washed away with irrigation or rainfall. FMC says Talstar PL provides two to four months of broad spectrum perimeter protection against a long list of pests, including ants, chinch bugs, crane flies, flies, ticks and scorpions.

Talstar EZ with Verge technology is a new clay-based granule designed to break down quickly to release the active ingredient and disappear into the landscape, while providing long-lasting control of surface-feeding pests such as ants, billbugs, chinch bugs, fleas and ticks. Virtually dust- and odor-free, the new formulation reduces applicator exposure while providing a more uniform distribution of product, FMC says.