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A review of news and product information from industry suppliers.

Editor’s note: Suppliers and PMPs, if you have a bed bug control product or service you’d like to have highlighted in an upcoming issue, please send a press release and a high-resolution photo to jdorsch@giemedia.com.

Tandem Insecticide Now Labeled to Control Bed Bugs

Syngenta Professional Pest Management’s Tandem insecticide is now labeled to control bed bugs. With this label update, PMPs have greater flexibility to give their customers a life uninterrupted by the nuisance and worry of bed bugs, the firm says.

“Based on our years of research and experience working alongside our customers, we have developed a deep understanding that PMPs need effective products to control challenging pests,” said Bob Goglia, head of marketing for Syngenta PPM in North America. “With this addition to the label, PMPs can now rely on Tandem for a fast knockdown and long-lasting control of bed bugs.”

“Bed bugs have become a much greater threat over the past few years with many cities around the country experiencing an unpleasant increase in bed bug activity,” added ElRay Roper, technical services manager for Syngenta PPM in North America. “With its dual modes of action and long-term control, our tests show Tandem is an effective tool for successfully controlling bed bugs.”

Tandem, which already controls more than 90 other common insects and pests, is powered by two active ingredients, lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam. It also is formulated with iCAP technology to ensure quick knockdown and residual control.


Company Helps End Utah Family’s Four-Year Bed Bug Battle

H&H Pest Management, St. George, Utah, has had the good fortune of experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, so when an opportunity arose to give back to a local family that had been down on its luck the company went “all in.”

In August, H&H Pest Management, which was founded in 2009, donated its services — estimated at a cost in the tens of thousands of dollars — to treat a severely infested home being occupied by a family of four.

What complicated this job was the fact that the bed bug infestation had gone unabated for four years because the family had resigned itself to “living with bed bugs.” H&H Sales Manager Carson Hunt recalled seeing the infestation upon making the initial inspection in July. “When inspecting the mattress and box springs, the amount of husks, feces, eggs and live bugs was tremendous,” he said. “Bugs were found in every room of the house including dry storage areas that were nowhere near any living space. They were also found throughout the home in cobwebs.”

What really tore Hunt apart was seeing blood smears on the children’s beds. “No little kid should ever have to live in a situation like that,” he said.

Hunt recognized that the family, which includes two special needs children, would have difficulty affording an effective treatment. So Hunt, along with Will Hansen, director of operations, H&H Pest Management, began planning a donation project.

BedBug Chasers Iowa Fighting War Against Bed Bugs Quickly, Safely and Thoroughly

BedBug Chasers, a franchised heat remediation services company, has opened a location headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The new location will provide bed bug control and dry-out services throughout Iowa.

BedBug Chasers of Cedar Rapids is owned and operated by Jason Rogers and Frank Stephen III, who currently own and operate other local businesses ranging from real estate investment and cleaning services, to a full-service banquet facility.

BedBug Chasers says its heating systems quickly turn a home or business into a superheated convection oven. It uses chemical-free, highly specialized electric heaters and a proven methodology to quickly and effectively rid any home of infestation, the firm added.

“We’re not just about bed bugs; we can kill flour beetles, wood beetles and other insects. We also see a lot of potential with our superior drying-out services, which has definitely been needed the past few years after all of the storms,” said Stephen. “During Hurricane Sandy, the New Jersey location saved homeowners and insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by being able to dry out an entire home and prevent the growth of mold in only one day. We are looking forward to bringing that same type of benefit to Eastern Iowa and beyond.”

BedBug Chasers is a nationwide franchised heat remediation service company providing a green and chemical-free alternative to eliminating bed bugs and other insects in commercial, residential and industrial environments, the firm says. Using its proprietary, state-of-the-art electric heat technology, BedBug Chasers equipment is capable of facilitating fast, effective and inexpensive heat remediation services throughout the United States.

During the next month, they solicited assistance from the following companies: Home Depot (disposable painters suits to be used as PPE); Mosdell Sanitation (a Dumpster); AAA Mobile Storage (40-foot shipping container to store salvaged items); Ecolab (cleaning and sanitation chemicals); Fresh ’N Dri Tile and Carpet Cleaning (carpet cleaning); and Western Pest Control (four technicians). Additionally, H&H service professionals volunteered their time and labor.

The job began on the afternoon of Friday, Aug. 23, with dozens of volunteers wearing protective jumpsuits cleaning out the home in preparation for a heat treatment. Hundreds of bed bugs were encountered crawling in mattresses, couches and in the children’s toys. Volunteers were on site for the heat treatment, which began at 1 p.m., and they stayed until about 7 p.m. Will Hansen and Carson Hunt, along with one other volunteer, then worked through the night at a local hotel putting 38 loads of laundry into the hotel’s commercial dryers and heating clothing to 200°F. Volunteers then returned at 8 a.m. on Saturday and worked until about 5 p.m., when the heaters were shut off. Hunt estimated the job took 30 to 34 hours.

Hunt said he continues to maintain contact with the family. In the first few days after the treatment they reported seeing a couple bed bugs per day, but after three days the family reported no additional sightings. Subsequently, H&H has done several thorough follow-up inspections and deemed the house free of bed bugs.

Additionally, Hansen says he believes H&H’s efforts can help the family break its hoarding habits. “H&H did not just remediate the bed bug infestation but got the family dehoarded and subsequently their lives back,” he said. — Brad Harbison


Allergy Technologies Launches a Newly Redesigned Website

Allergy Technologies has re-launched its website, www.allergytechnologies.com, which the firm says offers the pest management community the industry’s most comprehensive online resource about bed bugs and related businesses.

The manufacturer of ActiveGuard Mattress Liners, Allergy Technologies developed the site to include a wealth of information relating to bed bugs. Highlighted sections include strategies for PMPs to increase and retain revenues, bed bug treatment protocols, marketing programs, lab and field testing data, video demonstrations, testimonials, white papers and peer-reviewed research.

In addition, the site was developed with the end-user in mind featuring clean navigation, downloadable files to assist PMPs in reselling the product and a variety of information relating to the markets they serve, including the pest control industry, colleges and universities, multi-occupant dwellings, cruise lines, the hospitality industry and more.

“We’ve really had an immediate return on our investment with our website from the kudos we’ve received — even those just while we were in Phoenix at PestWorld,” said Joseph Latino, chief operating officer for Allergy Technologies.

“Having major distributors, top 100 PMPs, as well as those simply interested in bed bugs focus on our site and point it out as a new, unheralded resource that is bolstered by the work of renowned researchers is gratifying. Frankly, it’s an honor to be looked at in such high regard by our colleagues and peers in the industry.”

A unique aspect of the site is the company’s online calculator, initially designed for the hospitality customer. Soon to be customized for each major vertical market, these calculators demonstrate how ActiveGuard can save hotels, colleges and other users money by utilizing the liners as part of a comprehensive program by inputting as few as four data points.

In addition, www.allergytechnologies.com will house the archive of previous issues of Allergy Technologies’ e-newsletter, ‘The Bed Bug Authority,’ which is distributed to thousands of PMPs, researchers and customers on a monthly basis.


Plant-Based Spray Designed for Pest Professionals

Terramera recently announced the launch of its personal-sized CIRKIL product, a ready-to-use insecticide designed for the pest management industry, with a new label that industry professionals also can use to sell or provide to their customers as a leave-behind before, between or after treatments. Terramera’s 3-ounce personal-sized CIRKIL biopesticide was developed to be part of an Integrated Pest Management strategy for bed bugs.

The plant-based spray technology in CIRKIL, recently fast-tracked by EPA, kills bed bugs and their eggs with or without direct contact, the firm says. It also can be used to treat items such as books and electronics without needing to spray the items directly.

“Bed bugs are highly transmittable and the epidemic is a growing concern in the United States,” said Karn Manhas, CEO of Terramera. “CIRKIL personal-size provides real value that pest management professionals can supply to their clients to increase sales and satisfaction, and decrease callbacks.”

CIRKIL kills bed bugs and eggs quickly, often in less than 24 hours after treatment, Terramera reports.

“The launch of this product will provide consumers with a new-found peace of mind, knowing they can spot-treat problem areas immediately if they suspect an infestation,” said Annett Rozek, chief scientific officer at Terramera. “Pests are becoming resistant to many products on the market, and clients are looking for something that can help before and after a professional comes to treat.”


IAOCPI Announces February Training and Re-Certification Workshop

The International Association of Canine Pest Inspectors (IAOCPI) announced that its 2014 Annual Training and Re-Certification Workshop will be held Feb. 20-23, 2014, in Ludington, Mich. This annual conference fosters learning and growth with hands-on canine training programs for PMPs.

The International Association of Canine Pest Inspectors is a non-profit organization created by industry professionals as way to promote the highest standards of professionalism and legitimacy of canine/handler teams.

Teams requiring yearly third-party re-certification should attend, according to the IAOCPI. Participants will develop practical strategies for enhancing their performance in the field; learn how to avoid falling into bad habits; and benefit from practical, hands-on training from qualified professionals. The workshop is open to IAOCPI members and non-members alike. Both new and seasoned canine/handler teams will benefit from the multi-day worshop, which features a broad range of seminar topics including:

  • Eliminating false positives
  • Training techniques
  • Goal-oriented training
  • Hands-on training
  • Distraction training

For more information about the workshop or IAOCPI, visit the association’s website at www.iaocpi.org, or email your questions to Cathy Kirbach at ctkirbach@comcast.net.


Pest Barrier Launches Cimi-Shield Website

Pest Barrier, a division of Bird Barrier, has launched a PMP-focused website for its green bed bug eliminator, Cimi-Shield. The website, www.cimishield.com, describes the features and benefits of the product, as well as provides an overview of how it works.

Cimi-Shield kills bed bugs on contact and offers a 12-month residual on fabric surfaces (carpeting, bedding, etc.) without odor or staining, the company said, adding that Cimi-Shield kills mechanically, removing the bugs’ waxy outer coating, causing desiccation of the insect and ultimately death. It is made from GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients, so is suitable for customers who demand a green solution, the firm says.

CimiShield.com also includes videos that discuss the product and provide field demonstrations, testimonials and a Technical Information link where PMPs can download the label, MSDS, efficacy data, usage instructions, technical bulletin and a customer leave-behind sheet.


ZappBug Offers ZappBug Room, ZappBug Heater

ZappBug has introduced the ZappBug Room and ZappBug Heater, which the firm says are based on the fact that bed bugs die in one minute at temperatures above 120°F.

The ZappBug Room is a portable thermal chamber with a capacity measuring 80 inches by 111 inches by 57.5 inches. ZappBug reports that its chamber kills 100 percent of all bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults. It can be used to rid bed bugs in couches, beds, tables, books, files, luggage, electronics and more.

The ZappBug Heater is designed for traveling and is highly portable, the firm says; it can be packed to travel as a 13-inch cube, but expands to 43 inches by 22.75 inches by 24 inches when set up — enough to treat checked or carry-on luggage. The ZappBug Oven has 25 cubic feet of bed bug killing capacity and can treat small furniture, luggage, area rugs and other belongings. All products feature a set-up time under 10 minutes, a tip-over safety feature, wireless temperature probes and an automatic timer.


Reliable Corporation Offers Steam Cleaners for Bed Bug Control

Reliable Corporation offers steam cleaners for bed bug control, including the Enviromate FLEX EF700, a complete multi-use commercial cleaning unit, functioning not only as a steam cleaner and steam extractor but also as a wet/dry vacuum. The company also offers the EnviroMate PRO EP1000, a steam cleaning system for complex sanitizing jobs. The FLEX and PRO use continuous steam system (CSS) technology and generate 87 PSI of operating pressure. Both products feature leading-edge technology, the firm says, and accessories designed to control bed bugs and help sterilize all surfaces encountered in commercial settings.

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