Photos: Bed Bugs vs. Bat Bugs

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Additional photos from Dr. Michael Potter for the August PCT feature 'Holy Cow...Bat Bugs and Bird Bugs.'

August 21, 2013

Included in August PCT is the feature "Holy Cow...Bat Bugs and Bird Bugs," by Michael F. Potter, Kenneth F. Haynes, Jennifer Gordon, Erich Hardebeck and Eric Arnold. The authors compare and contrast ded bugs, bat bugs and bird bugs are strikingly similar in appearance. Distinguishing them and knowing their habits is now an industry imperative.


Additional Q&A With Rand Hollon

January 28, 2014

Included in January PCT was a feature based on Rand Hollon’s PCT M&A Virtual Conference presentation, was a Q&A with Hollon.Below are additional questions from that Q&A that did not appear in the... Read More