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December 19, 2017

Diversified Plastics

Diversified Plastics’ Cover-Up FVC (Foundation Vent Cover) is now available. The cover is ideal for encapsulation projects as it closes and insulates vents, the company says. The ¾-inch insulation is mold/mildew and pest resistant. Diversified Plastics says the FVC saves PMPs time as it is ready to install and eliminates the use of foam board and plywood. It fits a standard 8- by 16-inch vent opening. Custom sizes also are available.

Diversified Plastics, a manufacturer of plastic access panels and access doors, was established in 1988. Located in Sand Springs, Okla., the firm’s products are used in new construction and maintenance of residential structures, commercial buildings (i.e., hotels) and manufactured housing for access to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, telephone lines and computer cables, as well as wall repair.


Innolytics says based on interest from the pest control community and impacted customers, the firm has introduced a new label for OvoControl P. EPA recently approved the new label, which extends the use of OvoControl for grackles, starlings, cowbirds, blackbirds and mynahs. Dr. Alexander MacDonald, chief scientific officer for the company, said, “The OvoControl baiting protocol for these additional birds remains identical to the one recommended for pigeons: a) establish a rooftop baiting site; b) condition with pre-bait; and c) monitor and transition to OvoControl.”

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait, dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. The manufacturer says this effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing birds in larger areas without having to use avicides or labor-intensive trapping programs.


The Professional Pest Management business of Bayer, within the company’s Environmental Science Unit, announced the launch of its new product, Maxforce Fleet. Maxforce Fleet is a fipronil-based ant gel bait that can be used both outdoors and indoors, providing fast control in an effective formulation, Bayer says.

“We’re especially proud of the Maxforce Fleet formulation; it’s thick enough to stand up where you need it, but has enough moisture to be highly attractive to many ant species, including carpenter ants,” said Kristen Fielding, senior product manager for Bayer. “Now, PMPs can get the kind of ant control that they’ve come to expect from fipronil in a formulation for both indoor and outdoor use.”

Maxforce Fleet comes in a new, thicker formula that is designed to be effective even on vertical surfaces, Bayer says.

Rockwell Labs Ltd

The latest addition to Rockwell’s EcoVia product line, EcoVia WH Stinging Insect Killer, is now available in a 16-ounce foaming jet spray aerosol can. Like all EcoVia products, new EcoVia WH is an EPA FIFRA 25(b) minimum-risk product that avoids notification requirements for use in many school districts. Using botanical oils to kill wasps, yellowjackets and hornets on contact, the foaming jet spray reaches up to 18 feet to get to hard-to-reach nests. EcoVia WH also can be used to kill and control spiders. It is a water-based formula, so it does not leave an oily residue behind when sprayed, the manufacturer says.


To continue improving purchasing solutions for pest management professionals and their businesses, Syngenta launched its 2018 PestPartners365 Program on Oct. 1. The program allows PMPs to plan their product purchases so they can earn rebate savings all year long, instead of limiting rebates to monthly or seasonal deals.

To qualify, PMPs can purchase Syngenta products from any Authorized Syngenta Channel Partner during the Qualification Period (Oct. 1, 2017-March 31, 2018). Their total purchases during the Qualification Period will determine their rebate level (Partner, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond) and the corresponding rebates they’ll receive on all Syngenta purchases made during the Program Year (Oct. 1, 2017-Sept. 30, 2018).

“PMPs should be able to earn rebates on product purchases, no matter what time of year it is,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta in North America. “Our unique program structure allows PMPs to choose a purchasing pattern that can be tailored for their specific business operations, while still allowing them to reap the rewards of rebates year-round.”

New to the program this year is the opportunity for PMPs to earn a Cockroach Gel Bait Bonus. PMPs who purchase at least 400 syringes of select Syngenta cockroach gel baits (Advion Evolution, Optigard Cockroach and the Advion Cockroach Master Shipper) during the Qualification Period can earn a $0.25 rebate per syringe. To take advantage of this bonus, they must qualify for at least the Partner level (a Base Rebate Total of at least $200) by March 31, 2018.

PMPs also can take advantage of their fourth-quarter purchases by qualifying for a one-time Early Order Bonus rebate. Starting Oct. 1, 2017, PMPs who purchased enough product to qualify for at least the Silver level (a Base Rebate Total of at least $500) by Dec. 7, 2017, earned an Early Order Bonus rebate. PMPs can continue to qualify for an even higher rebate level with additional product purchases through March 31, 2018.

The PestPartners 365 Program also gives PMPs the option to defer payment on select product purchases with SummerPay. Payment terms are offered until July 6, 2018, giving PMPs a way to keep their cash flow in check throughout the year.


Air-Scent International has introduced its new Aroma One fan air care dispenser. The diffuser allows for the choice from three fan cycle settings: Continuous (30-day) operation; Linear (30-day) operation (for more even refill performance); and an Extended (60-day) cycle. The Aroma One also switches from battery to electric power on the fly with the simple insertion of the included power cord, Air-Scent says. The Aroma One utilizes all Air-Scent refills.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers, which feature a warranty of six years, are engineered and manufactured in Madison, Wis. All of the firm’s dehumidifiers are assembled, tested and fully supported in the United States.

Santa Fe says it provides superior dehumidifiers, encapsulation products and monitoring solutions. According to the company, Santa Fe helps pest management professionals succeed by:

  • Providing customer service excellence
  • Providing comprehensive product training
  • Providing application and installation guidance
  • Offering marketing and sales support
  • Offering field service and warranty repairs

J. F. Oakes

J. F. Oakes’ 2018 Product Catalog is now available. This catalog contains the firm’s new products and solutions for stored product and non-stored product insects, including bait stations, lures for rodents and wildlife, equipment and tools.

The 2018 Product Catalog also has a section with QR Codes for quick access of up-to-date information on a smartphone or device. The catalog is easy to use and will help PMPs find the correct trap, monitor, drill bit, hose, pump and/or lure for any particular need.

The catalog puts product information, suggested product uses and placement at PMPs’ fingertips. The 2018 Catalog is informative and features the most innovative products available, J. F. Oakes says.

PMPs can request a 2018 J. F. Oakes Product Catalog online or via email at

Attic Tent

The Attic Tent is a folding attic stair insulation cover. It stops air infiltration between the home and attic, during both hot and cold seasons. It keeps out unhealthy insulation and dust from the attic, thus improving indoor air quality. The Attic Tent will seal openings and help keep vertebrate pests and insects from entering the living space. The Attic Tent comes fully assembled. Its design allows easy zipper access and simple installation for variations in rough frame construction, including uneven surfaces. The Attic Tent reduces your customers’ power bills and improves HVAC efficiency, the firm says.