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July 5, 2017


AUTOsist gives PCOs and fleet managers a solution to help them keep track of vehicle, equipment or other asset maintenance, fuel, and other important records, all via their mobile app available for iOS and Android along with their desktop Web portal.

AUTOsist is a cloud-based system that gives users the ability to log and store important receipts, documents and more. Everything syncs across multiple devices, making the software convenient to use, even when users are on the go. Fleet managers can assign vehicles or equipment for other users to manage and keep all their important fleet records in a centralized location with on-demand access.

“Our goal is to provide a simple and affordable solution that helps businesses reduce operating costs and increase efficiency for their fleet,” says Zorrane Abdeali, founder of AUTOsist.

The software includes dedicated areas to track maintenance, fuel, custom notes and more. Users have the ability to set reminders that are sent via push notification and email, and can view recommended maintenance and recalls by odometer and/or time intervals.

Fleet managers can use AUTOsist to measure a variety of metrics, including how much they are spending on maintenance or fuels costs, as well as the ability to export data via excel for easy customization. The system also enables quick access to key information through search and sort tools, and users can share data easily via email and export options. Learn more via the company’s website at


Isuzu Commercial Truck of America announced the B10 durability rating of its 4HK1-TC diesel engine has been increased to 375,000 miles.

A “B10-life” rating is an industry-standard gauge provided by engine makers to help business owners determine the long-term durability of an engine. The number following the “B” indicates the percentage of an engine’s population that will require an overhaul before the indicated mileage. That means that 90 percent of Isuzu 4HK1-TC engines are expected to last 375,000 miles before they require a major repair or rebuild, the company says.

Previously, the 4HK1-TC engine carried an already-robust B10 durability rating of 310,000 miles. “We are proud to say that Isuzu diesel engines are already known worldwide for their long-term dependability,” said Shaun Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. “Our new B10 rating is strong evidence that our engines are even more durable than ever.”

The turbocharged, intercooled 4HK1-TC four-cylinder diesel engine displaces 5.2 liters and generates 215 horsepower. Torque ratings vary depending on model.

The engine is fitted to Isuzu NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR models, as well as the all-new 2018 Isuzu FTR Class 6 truck. Each of these models is backed by a three-year/unlimited mileage powertrain limited warranty.

Colorado Tri-Flo

Colorado Tri-Flo announced that its Eradi-Flo 1400-watt bed bug heater is now ETL Listed. “The ETL listing for our ER1400 provides bed bug solutions to our customers with 110 volt 15 ampere circuits. In addition to our existing 110 volt 20 ampere and 220 volt 30/50 ampere offerings, this listing completes our capability to deliver a thermal bed bug solution to the full range of power requirements found on most sites,” said Ron Elsis, vice president of operations, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems. The Eradi-Flo line is used in the eradication of bed bugs in commercial and residential accounts. The patented design generates forced airflow to produce the necessary heat levels for killing bed bugs quickly and efficiently.

Inspection Implements

Inspection Implements, a new company that makes pest control tools, announced it is now shipping its first product — The Prober. Termite inspectors, whole house inspectors, home appraisers and house painters know that fungus and termites damage wood. Sometimes this damage is obvious, but often it is hidden just under the surface of the paint, between two wood members or where wood members come in contact. The Prober was specifically designed to find this damage. With its blunt tip, it won’t cause cosmetic damage to sound wood, the company said, and it will only go through damaged wood. And when attached to an extension pole, it can be used to inspect second-story trim and roof eaves without a ladder.


Xcluder is now offering a lifetime guarantee on its Rodent-Proof Commercial Door Sweeps. The sweeps, designed to protect the small gap underneath an exterior door, feature reinforced rubber gaskets lined with Xcluder fill fabric. Xcluder’s sharp, coarse fibers cannot be gnawed through by rodents, and its combination of stainless steel and poly-fiber should not rust or degrade over time, the company said.

Xcluder’s abrasive fill fabric prevents rodents and insects from entering a building without the use of chemicals, according the manufacturer. The reinforced rubber gasket keeps drafts and water out, while preventing light, heat and odors from inviting pests in. To remove the need for product trial, the company will now provide a free replacement door sweep in the event any rodent gains entry through an Xcluder Rodent-Proof Commercial Door Sweep.

“We know most of our customers have faced rodent pressure, and we want to reassure them that Xcluder provides a permanent solution that truly works,” said Drew McFadden, director of marketing for Xcluder. “Rodents simply cannot penetrate our door sweeps, and we’re proud to stand behind that guarantee.”

Xcluder Pest Control Commercial Door Sweeps are easy to install, the company said, and they fit most common door sizes and types. The sweeps feature a sturdy aluminum retainer and stainless steel mounting hardware. Xcluder Door Sweeps are available in 36-inch, 48-inch and 96-inch lengths and are suitable for under door gaps up to ¾ inch.