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March 8, 2017


Like Gardner’s original FlyWeb Classic, the FlyWeb PLUS plugs directly into any standard AC outlet, attracting flies, gnats and other insects with UV light and trapping them on adhesive boards. The FlyWeb PLUS features an energy-efficient 10-watt insect lamp with an attraction range of 800 square feet, as well as an on/off switch and second adhesive trapping board. Gardner says switching out the adhesive board is fast and easy, and the front glueboard can be removed for increased UV light output. Other features of the FlyWeb PLUS:

  • Plugs into any standard household AC outlet
  • Color/material: White/polycarbonate
  • Attraction range of 800 square feet (20 lineal feet)
  • Comes with 10-watt insect lamp and two 3- by 5-inch glue cards
  • Dimensions: 4.5 inches by 10.25 inches by 2.25 inches
  • One-year warranty


ServicePro announced the release of its newest addition to the ServSuite family of products: ServSales. ServSales is a standalone application that integrates with ServSuite for a web-based or mobile sales production tool. This solution helps users turn sales prospects into leads and customer accounts, and promises to keep sales operations running smoothly, ServicePro says.

The ServSales App works on multiple platforms, has a scheduling feature and can help users prospect in the neighborhoods they are already servicing using mapping and location services, ServicePro says.

Once out in the field, the app automatically populates an address, which saves time, the firm says. It also serves to store and manage proposals, as well as take digital signatures once a document is ready to be signed. It allows users to manage prospect callbacks, customer visits, tasks and history.

ServSales is an ideal technology platform for pest management companies to perform sales prospecting, canvassing, summer sales programs and cloverleafing, ServicePro adds.

Delta Five Systems

Delta Five Systems offers a Telemetered Pest Monitoring System (TPMS) that provides early detection of pests, including insects and rodents. TPMS is a remotely monitored pest detection system that will alert pest management professionals the instant a pest is encountered. The lure-agnostic and placement-agnostic device maximizes PMPs’ ability to capture pests while minimizing cost, the firm says.