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May 24, 2017


Solo says its 451 Mist Blower is ideal for mosquito control. The blower can apply long-lasting larvicides to kill pre-adult mosquitoes and adulticides to kill adult mosquitoes. Solo 451 Mist Blower’s popularity is due to its impressive spraying capacity and light weight, the manufacturer says. The 451 Mist Blower creates a fine mist, applying chemicals over large areas efficiently. It is equipped with a powerful 66.5 cc Solo engine with a Nikasil-coated cylinder. The extra-large polymer impeller produces high air volume at a lower RPM, reducing fuel consumption and noise level, Solo reports. Advanced engine technology ensures low fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions and high performance in continuous use.

Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier’s Tower Guard deters gulls, cormorants, vultures, osprey, hawks, owls and other large birds. It creates both a visual and physical barrier for railings and flat surfaces. Birds are looking for a low “cost of energy” perch that is easy and safe. As they view the Guard, they see that it takes away the perch and it is too small and unstable to land on, Bird Barrier says.

The posts can be removed easily from the bases, which allows for maintenance on antennas and railings where access is important. Tower Guard is made from the same plastic that the telecom industry uses for its outdoor boxes. It’s well documented to withstand UV degradation for many years, the manufacturer says.


SX DOTZ is a professional polymer platform onto which ant and cockroach gel baits are applied. SX DOTZ incorporate a technology that allows them to be attached to flat/smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any residues when removed. Pelsis says SX DOTZ come with a number of key features that make this the new standard in gel bait application:

  • Tough polymer construction.
  • Allows identification of bait placements so PMPs can quickly monitor bait consumption.
  • ¼-inch guide for accurate bait size placement.
  • Polymer construction prevents moisture loss of gel baits into treated surfaces to help improve bait performance and longevity.
  • Improves bait placement and eliminates “caulking” with gel baits.
  • Ballpoint pen ink can be used to date and/or identify the bait.
  • Prevents staining of wood or other surfaces.
  • Fluorescent locator ring which, when exposed to black light, allows easy location in dark spaces.
  • Provides a visual indicator to pest management professionals and customers to monitor bait consumption.
  • Clearly designates to customers that a pest baiting treatment is in progress.

Pelsis also offers Custom Dotz, which can be made with PMPs’ own logo, contact details, marketing message or whatever can fit into a 1-inch square. SX Dotz are available from all major distributors.


To help streamline information for PMPs, Syngenta has changed the name of Weatherblok XT rodenticide to Talon Weatherblok XT. The product itself will remain the same — there are no changes to the formulation.

“PMPs have to juggle all sorts of information and details related to the operations of running pest control businesses,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta, North America. “With this name change, we’re making things easier for PMPs by keeping our rodenticides, which include Talon-G rodenticide, under the recognizable Talon brand name.”

Syngenta says it is important for a rodenticide bait block to achieve a balance between acceptance and durability. Talon Weatherblok XT is designed for extreme weatherability without compromising rodent acceptance. Its high-density grain content is extremely palatable to rodents, but not to people, since it contains Bitrex, a human taste deterrent that prevents accidental consumption. The single-feeding properties of Talon Weatherblok XT also can help reduce exposure and costs, limiting the incidence of bait shyness.

Pest Boys

Pest Boys announced partnerships with three of the leading pest control distributors in the industry. Poly Plugs by Pest Boys are now available at Target Specialty Products, Univar and Winfield United in locations across the U.S.

Poly Plugs support concrete patch materials to seal termite treatment holes drilled in slabs, concrete block and masonry holes. They require no special tools and can be installed five times faster at 18-20 holes per minute, the firm says. A video link on the company’s website shows how to install Poly Plugs.

“We are thrilled to offer our new product to PCOs providing a more efficient and cost-effective alternative” said Lary Adkins, Pest Boys president and CEO. “We are offering a quality product which is much more efficient, it’s at a substantially cheaper cost, and provides benefits both to the PCOs and their customers.”

Poly Plugs are available for drill holes of 3/8-, ½-, 9/16- and 5/8-inch.

Zoëcon Professional Products

Zenprox Xtend aerosol spray is the newest broad-spectrum solution from Zoëcon. The formulation features four insecticidal active ingredients, including etofenprox, PBO, pyrethrins and tetramethrin, and the Insect Growth Regulator (S)-methoprene. This unique combination provides immediate knockdown of adult pests, while effectively breaking the insect life cycle of future generations. Zenprox Xtend offers control of more than 25 labeled insects including ants, bed bugs, fleas and flies. The aerosol can be applied indoors and out to residential and commercial buildings including apartments, hospitals, warehouses and schools. With features like flexible delivery options, including a 360-degree valve, crack-and-crevice actuator and System III compatibility, Zenprox Xtend aerosol provides pest management professionals with a powerful all-in-one solution to extend the reach of their pest control protocols, the company says.

BedBug Central

New evidence shows that the SenSci Activ bed bug lure from BedBug Central can be used with other monitors to increase catches. “Since launching SenSci Activ in October 2014, we have encountered several pest control companies who are using the Activ bed bug lure in a variety of ways that may not be evident to the vast majority,” said Jeff White, director of innovation and technical content at BedBug Central.

Although the Activ lure was specifically designed to work seamlessly with the SenSci Volcano, studies have shown the lure to be effective in traditional interception devices, such as the ClimbUp and BlackOut, as well as other bed bug monitors, BedBug Central reports.

“What we have been noticing is that pest management professionals are using the Activ lure, not only in the Volcano, but with other monitors, including glueboards,” White said, “and they are seeing an increase in catch rates by using the lure.

“As more studies are being conducted,” White said, “it is becoming more and more evident that the SenSci Activ is a great addition to most bed bug monitors to increase the catch rate.”

Key 7 Software

Key 7 Software recently announced its Private Placement Offering. Steven Splawn, Key 7 president, said, “This unique Class B units offering provides pest business leaders the opportunity to shape the vision, direction and priorities of their software solution while reducing long-term software costs by investing in Key 7.”

Key 7 Software was founded in 2013 and is based in Birmingham, Ala. Key 7 Software was born out of the pest management industry specifically to meet the growing technology and customer service needs of the industry. The firm’s products are designed to be configurable to meet the specific needs of the individual pest business. This, coupled with industry expertise, dedication to service, and an organizational structure which demands collaboration from its partners, sets Key 7 apart, the firm says.

Scimetrics Ltd.

Scimetrics Ltd. has developed Kaput Feral Hog Bait, which contains warfarin. The firm says pigs are very susceptible to warfarin. Scimetrics developed a formula over the past 17 years that is both palatable to feral hogs and contains a low dose of 0.005 percent warfarin to reduce risk to other animals, the firm says. The concentration in the bait is one-fifth the concentration found in rodent baits. Kaput Feral Hog Bait also contains a fat-soluble dye. Within 24 hours of hogs eating the bait, their internal fat is colored dark blue. A hunter who shoots a pig will know quickly if it ate the bait or not, and if he should avoid consuming the hog meat.

Scimetrics says it developed the product to help curtail the estimated $2 billion in crop damage from feral hogs across the country, as determined by USDA. Work done at Fort Benning, Ga., when extrapolated to Texas, showed that more than 2 billion animals are consumed by feral hogs each year. These pigs eat reptiles, amphibians, rodents, ground-nesting birds (such as bobwhite quail and pheasants), young sheep, goats and calves. The amount of damage to landscaping/lawns amounts to millions of dollars each year. In addition, feral hogs carry diseases that often infect humans, including: brucellosis, trichinosis and pseudorabies. Feral hog feces can contaminate groundwater with E. coli, which can impact human health.