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November 14, 2016

Bell Labs

Pest management professionals have a new weapon in the fight against voles, ground squirrels and commensal rodents with P.C.Q. PRO, featuring the active ingredient diphacinone. This restricted-use rodenticide offers PMPs greater flexibility to control meadow and pine voles, California ground squirrels and commensal rodents, Bell Labs reports. This powerful multi-feed, first-generation anticoagulant has a broad label for use against a wide variety of pests in industrial, commercial and residential accounts, Bell says. P.C.Q. PRO is approved for burrow baiting for meadow and pine voles.


2016 Nissan Titan XD pick-up owners can choose from an array of rugged, weatherproof BOLT Locks designed specifically for this new model. BOLT Lock products enable Nissan Titan XD owners to enjoy the added security and convenience the BOLT product line offers across several applications, the firm says.

BOLT’s “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” permanently programs the lock to the pickup’s ignition key the first time the ignition key is inserted into the BOLT Lock cylinder. Spring-loaded plate tumblers uniquely code the cylinder to the specific ignition key, reducing the number of keys needed. This patented technology is designed to deter theft, while offering one-key convenience for the vehicle owner. Designed with an electroless nickel-plated carbon steel pin or shaft assembly for strength and durability, BOLT locks feature an automotive-grade stainless steel lock shutter; a durable, protective rubber shell; and a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping.


Termidor HP high-precision termiticide from BASF has been approved for use in California. Termidor HP termiticide is designed to work exclusively with the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System.

This injection system provides control of termites with a completely different application method that places Termidor HP termiticide in precise, measured doses around a structure, BASF reports. The Termidor HP injection system uses less water, minimizes landscape disruption, reduces labor-intensive trenching and rodding, and creates a more uniform treatment zone as compared to conventional liquid termiticides, the manufacturer adds.

To ensure accuracy and consistency, the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is equipped with a digital onboard computer and inline mixing system. A computer-generated report provides pest management professionals a detailed record of the treatment for greater homeowner confidence, the firm says.

Central Life Sciences

Central Life Sciences, makers of Strike products, recently launched a newly redesigned website for the product line at Strike products are used primarily in wastewater treatment facilities, but they can be applied in any facility or site seeking control of midge and filter flies in water on the premises. Potential sites include food-processing facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, chemical plants, pulp and paper facilities, golf courses, parks and resorts. The environmental compatibility of all three formulations make them a great solution for controlling midge and filter flies, Central Life Sciences says. The new website highlights the various use sites where Strike products can be applied, helps PMPs and facility operators find which products best fit their needs, and provides easy access to informational resources. New additions to the site include multiple use rate calculators and information about various application sites.

Strike midge control products stop midge and filter flies, eliminates the next generation of flies and, with continued use, keeps new infestations from developing, the manufacturer says. Strike products contain an EPA-registered insect growth regulator.

In-Quiz-It Software

With more than 20 years of use, the U-Trap-It Pest Management System provides an easy-to-use, methodical approach to proactively prevent pest activity where pests cannot be tolerated, the company says. The U-Trap-It System simplifies record keeping and eases compliance with regulations and audits while standardizing data collection and analysis across all corporate facilities, the company added. The U-Trap-It system can handle 100 pest control devices in a plant facility or thousands of devices deployed in a city for rodent control; or the system can track the services and inspections of thousands of rooms in a hotel or dormitory. U-Trap-It features:

Proactive pest prevention system Auditing and regulatory compliance with trending Pesticide tracking Dynamic site plans and floor plans Pest activity spatial analysis Facility pest risk assessments Tracks environmental deficiencies and corrective actions Alerts and corrective actions Centralized management of plants worldwide


Nixalite premiered the new HS-10 Bird Blaster at PestWorld 2016. Bird Blaster is a small portable acoustic haling device that will scare away birds and wildlife from large open areas, the firm says. Weighing only 15 pounds, the HS-10 packs a peak acoustic output of 144dB with a range up to 750 meters. Use the HS-10 to play predator and distress calls or activate the built-in high frequency alert tone with the push of a button. This is an ideal tool for dispersing birds/wildlife from airfields, landfills, industrial sites, agriculture crops, water ways and more, Nixalite reports.