New Features Added to ReachOut Suite Software

New Features Added to ReachOut Suite Software

ReachOut Suite is a field service management software.


New features have been added to ReachOut Suite, a field service management software. These features impact changes to currency symbols and rescheduling activities for field agents. As you know by now, we are constantly improving and adding more to ReachOut Suite on a frequent basis.

Rescheduling Work Order or Inspection. What if the field agent finds out that the customer is not available at the site? What if the customer requests another day and time for the inspection or work order to be fulfilled? Under these scenarios, the field agent can now reschedule inspections or work orders right from the field. The administrator can enable/disable the reschedule option for all field agents under the Settings > Preferences > Select Work Order or Inspections Management > Enable/Disable rescheduling.

Multiple Currency Symbols (EUR, INR, ZAR, GBP, CNY, USD). Based on popular demand, we now support multiple currencies on our application. The default US Dollar currency can be changed to the preferred one of your choice. The currencies supported are Chinese Yuvan(CNY), Euro (EUR), Indian Rupee(INR), South African Rand(ZAR), British Pound(GBP) and US Dollar(USD). You can select your currency under general settings from the drop-down list. This helps the administrators for generation of invoices and estimates in their local currency. This feature is available for both current and new users. Note: only the currency symbol changes and not the monetary value.

Service industries face a lot of challenges relating to competitive pressures, first-time fix rate, compliance, performance management, work order management and a lot more. Many companies are still reliant on paper-based approaches or spreadsheets or have old systems and solutions that are either too complex or not helping the current operations of the company. Certain times it is difficult for these companies to realize what they want, which technology would work best or how the mobile-based technology solution would help them increase their ROI. To help companies understand how a field service solution can simplify their processes, introduce the latest technology features and benefits of mobile apps in the industry, and encourage the use of cutting-edge technologies to make operations simpler and efficient, ReachOut has formulated this cost-effective, try-out offer for its users for a limited period of time.

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