Revenue: Growth was Strong, Up from Covid Low

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May 11, 2022

Last year was another banner year for mosquito control service. At Ace Exterminating in Joelton, Tenn., “it’s growing every year,” said Tim Jackson, vice president of pest control at the company, where about 30 percent of residential customers had mosquito control in 2021.

It wasn’t just Ace Exterminating that gained. In fact, 53 percent of pest management professionals who participated in the 2022 PCT State of the Mosquito Control Market survey said mosquito revenue increased last year. This was up from the 50 percent of PMPs who reported an increase in 2020 during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Mosquito control has become a lucrative, core service for pest control companies. Last year, 72 percent of companies offered mosquito control, which generated 18.1 percent of company revenue on average, or about $80,900, found the PCT survey, which was sponsored by MGK and compiled by Readex Research, an independent research firm. That’s a significant jump from the $54,600 that mosquito work generated on average in 2020.

At Native Pest Management in West Palm Beach, Fla., revenue from mosquito control increased 40 percent last year, helped in part by the higher frequency of this service. “It really adds up because it’s a monthly service so it’s more revenue per year than a quarterly home pest control” service, said Luke Lewis, the company’s president.

Existing pest control customers, when asked, were typically open to adding on mosquito control. “It seems nine times out of ten they’re going to take you up on it,” said Jackson of his quarterly pest control clients.

Likewise, people calling with mosquito problems were sold on quarterly pest service. “They’ll call about mosquito and then we’ll tell them about our program. That generates the recurring (income) for us,” said Patrick Wyman, owner of Epcon Lane Pest Control in Akron, Ohio. Mosquito control is included in Epcon Lane’s premium quarterly pest program.