BASF Receives EPA Registration for Ridesco WG Insecticide

BASF Receives EPA Registration for Ridesco WG Insecticide

Ridesco WG, featuring the active ingredients dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, can be used to control ants, house flies, American cockroaches and spiders.


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – BASF’s newest innovation in pest control, Ridesco WG Water Dispersible Granule Insecticide, has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Combining the active ingredients dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, Ridesco WG Insecticide is tough on difficult-to-control pests such as ants, house flies, American cockroaches and spiders. It is a powerful perimeter treatment that can be used in a wide array of application sites, including turfgrass and ornamentals. Indoors, Ridesco WG Insecticide is the only dry dilutable insecticide with dual-mode of action approved for use in food-handling areas in the U.S., which means it can be applied in sensitive locations to eliminate pests before they destroy or contaminate food. 

“With two popular active ingredients in one convenient treatment, a flexible product label that covers a broad range of application sites, and an easy-to-mix and measure formulation, Ridesco WG Insecticide can be the go-to product for PMPs,” said Melissa Chu, Pest Control Solutions Marketing Manager for BASF Agricultural Solutions. “It’s also an excellent tool for the prevention of insecticide resistance for highly prolific pests, such as flies, American cockroaches and bedbugs. With these benefits, Ridesco WG Insecticide can round out a successful start-to-finish Integrated Pest Management Program for PMPs.”

PMPs can learn more about Ridesco WG Insecticide by contacting their BASF sales representative. The product will be available for purchase from authorized BASF distributors by the end of the year*.

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