Rodent Control Solutions for Now

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December 13, 2021

Steve Levy

Bell Laboratories has long been recognized for the science, research and development that go into the products we manufacture. With a singular focus on rodent control products, we also believe it is critical to factor in how pest management professionals (PMPs) service accounts whenever we develop new rodent control solutions.

The past two years have brought unique challenges to the pest control industry. Embracing new strategies and adapting to changing environments have been crucial for businesses to succeed. One prominent obstacle has been retaining and recruiting skilled workers. With the acute labor shortage throughout the nation, we need to ensure our labor force is as productive as possible.

The Bell iQ line of monitoring products does just that. In addition to providing predictive rodent control, which can prevent callbacks at accounts, iQ traps and stations can be used purely as labor-enhancing instruments. Accounts can be serviced in less than half the time as standard devices, making it easier to get to every jobsite or take on new business, even with personnel shortages. Our time studies have indicated that an individual PMP can increase his or her productivity by as much as three times — all as a result of not having to manually inspect empty traps.

No one likes to lose a smart, hardworking employee, and iQ products can make the technician’s job physically easier. Placing iQ traps and stations at accounts eliminates much of the bending, kneeling and climbing on ladders, only to encounter empty rodent devices. Affordable and efficient rodent monitoring technology creates both more satisfied customers and employees.

Bell is pleased to announce we are expanding the iQ line with the addition of four more offerings: A rat bait station (Pulse Rat iQ), a mouse station (Pulse Mouse iQ), a mouse snap trap (Trapper Mouse iQ) and a camouflage station (Weighted Landscape iQ). These affordable products provide the same time savings and rodent knowledge as the current iQ smart devices. The more than doubling of Bell’s iQ product offerings is designed to ensure PMPs are equipped to succeed in every type of situation, and be in a position to navigate a tight labor market. Bell promises to make every effort to provide great rodent control solutions to our customers, and to continue our work in the ongoing fight against rodents.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your business. Stay safe and be well.

Steve Levy

President and CEO

Bell Laboratories