Rollins Recognized on BMW Group's Top 50 Green Fleets List

Rollins Recognized on BMW Group's Top 50 Green Fleets List

The Atlanta-based firm placed 15th for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.


ATLANTA -- Rollins has been recognized by BMW Group, ranking its fleet at number 15 in the top-50 green fleets. Rollins utilizes 1,285 flex fuel vehicles, 435 hybrid electric vehicles, 5 electric vehicles and 1 CNG powered vehicle, allowing the company to reduce overall carbon emissions and their impact on climate change.

"We are excited to be recognized for our outstanding efforts to enhance the overall efficiency of our fleet while also reducing carbon emissions," said Jerry Gahlhoff, president and COO at Rollins. "At Rollins, we are focused on being a good corporate citizen, and that means caring for our environment. Our drive to enhance the efficiency of our fleet extends beyond our vehicle choices to include optimizing our routes to reduce technician drive time, fuel consumption and overall carbon emissions from our fleet. We firmly believe that pursuing a greener fleet is not just good for the environment, it's good for our business and the communities in which we operate."

This year, Rollins ranked two spots higher in the Automotive Fleet Top 50 Green Fleet list as compared to last year's ranking. This year-over-year growth positions Rollins alongside some of the largest "green" vehicle fleets in the United States and is a solid example of the company's commitment to being environmentally responsible.