SecureChoice for Assured Control

Wrapping proven products and research-tested protocols into an easy-to-implement program gives PMPs a roadmap for success.

PMPs can achieve up to 60 days of control if they follow the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program from Syngenta. If you should get a callback during that time, Syngenta will provide the product back to you so you can handle the service call at no extra cost.
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Cockroach-induced asthma and allergies are on the rise, and more people recognize and are concerned about disease transmission from pests like mosquitoes and ticks. Public health is in the public eye and for good reason. Pest management professionals (PMPs) play an integral role in guarding individuals’ health, safety and wellbeing—and there are more tools at their disposal today to support this mission.

Specifically, the SecureChoiceSM assurance programs from Syngenta take the guesswork out of controlling public health pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, spiders and more. For PMPs who want to add a program that heads off these invaders, or enhance offerings they already provide, SecureChoice is a recipe for success that gives them confidence and a wide range of expert-tested products and protocols.

“The bottom line is, SecureChoice programs are built to support our customers by developing protocols that incorporate our top-performing products and best management practices for target pests,” says Nicky Gallagher, technical services manager for Professional Pest Management at Syngenta, North America. “Ultimately, we are giving PMPs the support and tools they need to deliver results for their customers and help control public health pests.”

SecureChoice assurance programs blend good science and smart business.

“We can help PMPs pinpoint how to take advantage of SecureChoice programs and provide them with pathways to increase their business in various market segments, from mosquitoes to cockroaches and spiders,” Gallagher says.

How It Works

SecureChoice programs give PMPs the products and protocols to handle specific pest issues—plus the support from the Syngenta technical team and a library of tools that guide PMPs on how to properly execute each program. SecureChoice is a recipe for guaranteed control, including the ingredients and instructions for use.

Syngenta currently offers seven SecureChoice programs: mosquito, tick, flea, scorpion, spider, fire ant and a new cockroach program. Each SecureChoice program provides a guaranteed window of pest control. “So, if you follow our SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program with the recommended products, rates and protocols, you will get 60 days of mosquito control,” Gallagher explains. “If you get a callback during that time, Syngenta then provides the product back to you so you can handle the service call at no extra cost.”

PMPs can participate in the program by simply buying products and following the outlined protocol. “Once you have appropriate Syngenta products for an assurance program—and you purchase from an authorized distributor—you follow the protocols and you are officially participating,” Gallagher says.

Documentation of participation comes from product purchases. PMPs also have access to a toolbox of resources, from biological information about target pests, product technical information, training videos and webinars from leading researchers. “It’s the whole package: education, product mixing, pest biology, how to use equipment and how to apply our field-proven Syngenta products,” Gallagher says. “It’s multi-layered control.”

The level of testing conducted to create SecureChoice assurance programs can give PMPs peace of mind that they are giving their customers the best solutions, Gallagher adds. “We have already done the testing and are bringing together the products and science to help customers in any way possible,” she says.

Products + Protocols

“SecureChoice means guaranteed results,” Gallagher says, noting that the assurance behind the programs’ products and protocols prepares PMPs for success in the field. “There is a lot of planning and thought behind these programs—they are scientifically supported, and we’ve thought of all the details down to cost. The programs are very cost-considerate.”

Accessibility is a critical component of SecureChoice: ensuring PMPs can easily adopt the products and best practices into their IPM programs so they can deliver the best results possible to customers.

Gallagher emphasizes the research-driven nature of SecureChoice and other Syngenta programs. “We invest heavily in research and that includes pest biology and the protocols we develop,” she says. “We work with universities and private cooperators to develop these protocols for our products, and we are constantly determining what could be the next pest problem and how we can solve it.”

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