ServiceMaster to Acquire Assured Environments

ServiceMaster to Acquire Assured Environments

The acquisition of Assured Environments, a $31 million firm, greatly expands ServiceMaster's footprint in the New York City area.

December 11, 2018

MEMPHIS — ServiceMaster announced today that it will acquire Assured Environments, a $31 million firm based in New York City that ranked 25th on this year’s PCT Top 100. The announcement was sent out in a press release prior to today's ServiceMaster 2018 Investor Day meeting.

Assured Environments is primarily a commercial pest control company specializing in servicing property management, hospitality, retail, education and food processing facilities. Assured provides pest control services to many of New York’s best-known buildings, including Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Assured Environments is led by Andrew Klein, who has served as the company’s president since 1994, when the company was known as Allied Exterminating. 

“Andrew Klein and the Assured team have an incredible reputation for exceptional customer experiences in one of the key urban markets in the world,” Chief Executive Officer Nik Varty said in the press release. “This acquisition is well-aligned with our growth strategy, and we are excited about the potential to leverage this great team and their capabilities as we look to accelerate our expansion into exciting urban markets.”

As part of Varty's Investor Day presentation, he noted that Terminix's profile was very strong in suburban and rural markets, but that "one of the areas that was a huge untapped opportunity for us was the urban market space. It just makes the perfect right sense to bring in the leading provider [Assured Environments] in a tough, challenging market."

Founded in 1934, Assured Environments has built a culture of excellent customer service and employee satisfaction. The acquisition brings more than 200 full-time employees and marquee clients into the Terminix portfolio. Assured Environments will continue to operate as a separate company and as a Copesan partner, servicing national accounts in the New York area.

Klein also spoke as part of ServiceMaster’s Investor Day conference. He reflected on his lifelong involvement in the pest control industry as a third-generation PCO, noting that he began to view the pest control industry differently after Assured Environments became a Copesan Partner in 2004. “I realized that there was an entire universe of other opportunities out there in the country that we were missing,” he said. Klein said that as part of his “Copesan transformative journey” he met with Terminix and was impressed with the potential growth opportunities for he and his team. “I realized that Terminix wanted us not because of our revenue and customer base — although that was attractive. They wanted [Assured] for me and my team — and for what we could do for their team nationally and perhaps internationally.”

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