Skyhawk Introduces Rodent Recon Electronic Rodent Management System

Skyhawk Introduces Rodent Recon Electronic Rodent Management System

Rodent Recon is a hub and sensor-based trap monitoring product.

October 22, 2021

DERRY, N.H. - Skyhawk, a subsidiary of PICA Product Development, is introducing the Rodent Recon electronic rodent management system to the pest control industry. 

Skyhawk says it is building on the success of the Kiwi, a rugged, easy-to-setup remote monitoring device powered by cellular technology that was launched in 2019. That product proved popular among wildlife professionals because it could be placed in any style of trap quickly to function with both motion detection and the trap door shutting closed. Operators also liked that the Kiwi uses long-lasting (one-plus years) battery-powered hubs and sensors.

The Rodent Recon includes all of those same Skyhawk Kiwi features, with one important improvement. The Skyhawk Kiwi required one cellular connection per trap; with the Rodent Recon that one cellular connection has been split up to multiple sensors with local RF, thus duplicating the functionality of the Kiwi, making this technology more cost effective for multi-sensor deployments, the manufacturer reports.

Richard Shevelow, president and owner, PICA Product Development, said Rodent Recon is “a drop-in solution” meaning a pest management professional simply places a gateway and sensor without any connectivity needed from the site or any power needed from the site. “It's actually the only product, to our knowledge, that will also work independently of any local power source. Both our sensors and our hubs operate on batteries,” Shevelow said.

Shevelow said Rodent Recon “will dramatically drive down the cost of remote monitoring, both in the initial hardware cost as well as the reoccurring monthly cost on a per sensor basis.” 

While Shevelow acknowledged that the field of electronic rodent monitoring technology is crowded, he believes Rodent Recon will find a home. “A lot of the systems that are out there now — or at least the cellular-based ones —  are more geared towards big commercial applications. Our product will serve that application, but it will also serve the smaller applications, such as a residential monitoring situation.” For example, the product is ideal to deploy in difficult-to-access residential areas like attics. 

Rodent Recon is subscription-based. PCOs can choose from a 3-month, 12-month, or 24-month plan. Learn more at, and visit the company at NPMA PestWorld booth #B617.