Spotlight on Food Safety, Sponsored by Bayer, Opportunity Within A Changing Landscape

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July 15, 2020

Pete Comis

2020 has been a tumultuous year for our entire planet. COVID-19 has had a drastic impact on both our lives and livelihoods – forcing unprecedented changes in operations and logistics in nearly every industry on a global scale. Now, more than ever before, the world is adjusting to this ‘new normal,’ and there is perhaps a greater focus on food safety, sanitation and public health. And, while COVID-19 is not a foodborne illness, public scrutiny toward food safety and sanitation has never been greater. From farm to table and everywhere in-between, great measures are being taken to promote the safety of our food supply chain – and those who staff it.

One could argue that the sweeping increase in food safety importance we’re seeing today feels fairly similar to 2011, when the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) passed.

FSMA brought widespread operational changes to food safety procedures in large industries like food manufacturing and processing. But these changes were also felt by the hospitality and food service industries – two of the hardest hit in 2020. These businesses were also subject to the same regulatory pressures as their larger food handling counterparts, though at a smaller footprint.

As pest management professionals, you serve as the first line of defense for industries like food service and hospitality – and it goes far beyond pest control. Meeting modern regulatory guidelines means everyone needs to be on the same page and working in collaboration. Reputations, businesses and livelihoods are now more on the line than ever – and communication is key.

The lessons learned from FSMA, when applied to other industries, can be vital to ensuring the success of your business as a pest management professional, as well as the success of your customers.

At Bayer, we believe in opportunity within change.

This is an opportunity to reinvent the way we service our customers and to be inspired by what comes next. We will continue to innovate, dream and explore in our quest to help support an industry that plays such a vital role on the front lines of public health – at a time that feels more important than ever.

Pete Comis Head of Key/National Accounts at Bayer Environmental Science