State of the Tick Control Market, Sponsored by Zoëcon, Tick Service: A Seasonal Sales Opening

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June 9, 2020

Most pest management companies (46 percent) provide seasonal outdoor tick control services, found the PCT 2020 State of the Tick Control Market survey.

Control programs generally run April through October, depending on weather, with treatment occurring every four to seven weeks. “We’ll kind of roll with what mother nature tells us to do,” said Adam Ring, A-Action Pest Control, on his program’s timing.

More than half (51 percent) of PMPs said summer was the busiest season for tick control; 31 percent said spring was the most active time for this service.

Tick control can help open the door to other sales. “We find that our tick control customers gravitate over to an easier sale to mosquito (control) because they’re already used to somebody spraying something on their yard,” said John Vollmer, who owns Tick Ranger franchises in Newtown and Rocky Hill, Conn.

It’s also a benefit that motivates clients to sign up for more comprehensive yard-pest programs. Even if the primary concern is mosquitoes, knowing that ticks will be controlled as well helps seal the deal for customers, and vice versa, said Ring, whose yard pest program controls mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.

On average, 92.6 percent of tick control services were performed on residential properties. The average callback rate was 3.8 percent. Tick Ranger guarantees its service. “We’re very proud of it,” said Vollmer, who retreats a property for free if the scheduled treatment fails within five and a half weeks of application, up until the snow flies in winter.

PMPs said they market their tick control service by highlighting their certified technicians (44 percent), the program’s safety and health benefits (43 percent), their preventive approach (39 percent), control excellence (36 percent) and use of eco-friendly products (29 percent).

In follow-up interviews, they said they use email blasts, internet ads, social media and service vehicle signage to promote their services.