Termite Plugs Seal Termite Treatment Holes

Termite Plugs Seal Termite Treatment Holes

Poly Plugs are used with concrete patch materials to seal termite treatment holes drilled in slabs, block, and masonry holes.

December 16, 2016

KENNENDALE, Texas — Pest Boys announces the launch of Poly Plugs, a product that is used with concrete patch materials to seal termite treatment holes drilled in slabs, block, and masonry holes. 

Using lightweight quality materials to manufacture the Poly Plugs out of closed cell foam, instead of plastics or rubber, will cut initial expenditures by 250-300% for pest control operators, the manufacturer reports.

“We are thrilled to offer our new product to PCO’s providing a more efficient and cost effective alternative” said Lary Adkins, Pest Boys President and CEO. “We are offering a quality product which is much more efficient, it’s at a substantially cheaper cost, and provides benefits both to the PCO’s and their customers.”

Currently, technicians can only install 3-4 plastic or rubber plugs per minute. This is because most labor intensive alternative plugs used in sealing termite treatment drill holes in concrete require a hammer and nut driver tool in order to counter sink plugs. The plugs are only used to support concrete patching materials for 15 minutes of curing and are never seen again.

The Poly Plugs by Pest Boys require no special tools and can be installed four times faster with up to 12 holes per minute, the manufacturer reports. “As a result, we estimate that termite technicians treating structures with 150-200 drill holes will be able to treat three structures a day instead of two. This should result in higher profits for the PCOs, but an overall cost of treatment savings for the structures owners,” Adkins added.

Pest Boys also announced a special offer for free sample packages along with free shipping to PCOs anywhere in the United States. Look for the offer in the February issue of PCT magazine. Poly Plugs are available for drill holes of 3/8”, ½”, 9/16”, and 5/8”.

In the near future, Pest Boys intends to also release another Patent Pending tool which counter sinks each termite plug to an adjustable depth setting the technician chooses. Not only will the tool work on Poly Plugs, but on alternative plugs also. Together with Poly Plugs, they are referred to as “Termiticide Flex Plug System and Method.” The tool will also save a significant amount of time and stress for the technicians, according to the manufacturer.
Poly Plugs by Pest Boy can be ordered at www.polyplugs.com , or check with your local pest supply distributor.