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PMPs who use Syngenta products get more than effective control for a wide range of pests. They also receive high-level support and resources to help build successful businesses.

October 5, 2021

The Syngenta Pest App provides access to all the information PMPs need to perform knowledgeable, compliant pest control 24/7.

Bob Boyle, owner of C-Cat Termite & Pest in Burlington, Iowa, began buying Syngenta products 12 years ago. He hasn’t looked back.

“I’ve got just about every one of their products in my arsenal, and it’s nice to know I can use them, and I won’t have a problem,” he says.

Boyle trusts Syngenta products to satisfy his customers and reduce callbacks, but he also appreciates the additional support and resources Syngenta provides to help him build a successful and resilient pest control business. Syngenta developed such offerings by listening to the needs of pest management professionals (PMPs), in the field and at industry forums.

“What can we innovate as we go forward to meet these needs and continually bring value? That’s what it’s all about,” says Larry Stretz, southeastern territory manager for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta, North America.

Value-added offerings from Syngenta include:

Syngenta Pest App

This free digital tool for Apple® and Android™ devices provides access to all the information your team needs to perform knowledgeable, compliant pest control 24/7.

New features in 2021 include push notifications, PestPartnersSM 365 Program dates, and an enhanced mixing calculator to ensure proper application rates and reduce callbacks caused by mixing errors and guesswork. An updated library of short videos answers common questions and gives application tips, providing instant, expert help to technicians in the field.

By clicking on a pest icon, users can quickly identify the Syngenta products registered to control it. “This makes it difficult for a technician to make an illegal application; as long as they choose one of those products, they know that product is labeled for that pest,” says Nick Grisafe, western territory manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America.

Also accessible are online safety data sheets (SDSs) and product labels, which can be emailed to clients or downloaded on devices prior to working in areas without cell coverage. Most state regulators allow the use of digital labels and SDSs, but only if they are instantly accessible.

“It’s a wonderful solution,” says Craig Valentine, midwestern territory manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America. “Regardless of your job function within a pest management firm, there’s something on there for everyone.” Download the app by texting PESTAPP to 20103.

PestPartners 365 Program

Going into its eighth year, this well-received program provides year-round rebates on the full portfolio of Syngenta products. “You’re going to spend the money on product no matter what, but if you can get a $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 check back, that is extra money that you can spend on equipment or something else,” says Boyle, who uses the program to stock up on Tandem® insecticide, Altriset® termiticide, Advion® Ant gel bait and several different Syngenta cockroach baits.

Participants lock in one of five rebate levels, each offering progressively higher payouts, by buying Syngenta products during the qualifying period, which runs from Oct. 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022. Then, they earn rebates at that level on all Syngenta products bought throughout the rest of the year.

“The program is very flexible. It allows PMPs to customize their needs based on a broad portfolio of products, from baits to rodenticides,” says Stretz.

Boyle buys in the winter and takes advantage of the extended SummerPay™ terms, which allows him to pay for select products in June. “So not only do you have product for six months, you also get the rebate part of that,” he explains. Rebate checks are mailed in September and November. PMPs who order a minimum base rebate amount before Dec. 9 earn an additional early order bonus check.

It’s easy to participate in the PestPartners 365 Program: Syngenta and its channel partners keep track of orders, so you don’t need to fill out forms or track invoices. Online rebate tools, which auto-populate with buying history, help with planning, budgeting and maximizing your savings potential. “It’s a tremendous value opportunity,” Valentine says. “It puts money back in the pocket of our customers, which is a great thing.”



The (Pes

tPartners 365) program is very flexible. It allows PMPs to customize their needs based on a broad portfolio of products, from baits to rodenticides.”


SecureChoice Assurance Programs

Syngenta introduced its first SecureChoiceSM assurance program for mosquito control in 2015. Since then, it has unveiled programs proven to control cockroaches, ticks, fleas, scorpions, fire ants and spiders.

The programs are tested, turn-key protocols based on integrated pest management principles that give PMPs a sure-fire way to control challenging pests.

“There are very few companies out there that can afford to have a technical team of Ph.Ds and relationships with cooperators and university labs to vet what they’re doing. We’ve taken a lot of time and spent the money to do those studies on their behalf. What we want is for our customers to be successful with our products so we go to great lengths to make sure that what we recommend will be successful for them,” explains Dr. Eric Paysen, technical services manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America.

SecureChoice assurance programs are especially helpful to PMPs who want to offer new, add-on services; who are experiencing callbacks with certain pests; or who are growing their business and want the strength of Syngenta to stand behind their efforts.

Free online learning modules and custom, hands-on application academies are available to help field teams hone their skills and achieve success. Plus, the programs are risk-free: Syngenta will provide additional product free of charge to perform an additional application if necessary.

SyngentaPMP Account

The free SyngentaPMP account keeps PMPs informed of the latest industry trends. It provides access to automated label and SDS updates, emails regarding new products and programs, articles written by pest experts on timely topics and instructions on how to mix and apply products. Users can track their PestPartners 365 Program rebate status in real time and make use of helpful online planning and budgeting tools.

“It’s a lot of good information you can put into practice right away,” says Stretz of the materials available with an account.

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