Thinking About Buying or Selling a Pest Control Business?

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PCT’s Virtual M&A Conference offers practical insights about how to position your company for possible sale, or to acquire the necessary knowledge to grow through acquisitions.

July 11, 2018

Merger and acquisition activity in the pest management industry has never been hotter, with large multi-nationals, major national brands, regional pest control companies and local firms looking to expand their market footprint, grow revenue and acquire high-quality employees via strategic acquisitions.

If you’re interested in learning how to position your company for possible sale, or to acquire the necessary knowledge to grow through acquisitions, you’ll want to attend the PCT Virtual M&A Conference scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 22.

“This year’s program features leading M&A specialists with a proven track record of buying and selling companies, as well as a highly anticipated panel discussion of PMPs who understand the emotional highs and lows of transitioning their family business,” says PCT Publisher Dan Moreland. “We’re confident this conference will be time well spent for every PMP throughout North America and around the globe, regardless of the current status of their business life cycle.” Session topics and speakers featured in this year’s program include:

So, You’ve Decided to Sell: What’s Next?

Daniel S. Gordon, Managing Partner, PCO M&A Specialists

John P. Corrigan, Attorney, PCO M&A Specialists

The typical drivers that motivate a PCO business owner to sell include plans to retire, an unexpected death or disability in the family, a change of direction by children previously expected to continue a family business, a divorce, a bankruptcy, price multiples too sweet to ignore, and/or the desire to launch a new career. Whether you are forced to sell quickly or have a longer time horizon, the process of selling a business requires a concrete plan that should include: (1) a solid reason for the sale and (2) a team of advisers such as a financial intermediary familiar with our industry, a tax expert, and an attorney with knowledge of the industry and how to structure a transaction for maximum protection.

Participants in this session will leave armed with an understanding of how to create an exit plan; what factors are considered in determining fair value for your business; the best buyers given your financial and timing requirements; the paperwork needed to negotiate and consummate a definitive deal; the most important deal terms; and understanding future financial lifestyle needs post-closing and how those needs will be met.

What PMPs Can Learn from Green Industry M&A: Is the Market Too Hot for Its Own Good?

Ronald L. Edmonds, President, The Principium Group

The Principium Group is a leading merger and acquisition firm serving the green industry. In this eagerly anticipated session, veteran M&A specialist Ronald L. Edmonds shares his thoughts about the current state of M&A activity in the green industry, a marketplace served by a growing number of PMPs offering crossover services.

Getting to the Next Level: Making Your First Million & Beyond

Kemp Anderson, Owner & President, Kemp Anderson Consulting

The day-to-day demands of operating a business can sometimes get in the way of building a business, with the goal of creating a financial asset that pays dividends for you and your family when it comes time to sell. In this informative session, a longtime industry M&A specialist with extensive experience driving revenue growth and building value offers expert advice on how to grow your business in the highly competitive pest control marketplace.

Panel Discussion: An Emotional Roller Coaster: PMP Insights About Selling a Pest Control Business

Jerry Batzner, Batzner Pest Control, New Berlin, Wis.Donnie Blake, OPC Pest Services, Louisville, Ky. Ryan Bradbury, Viking Termite & Pest Control, Bound Brook, N.J.

Who better to provide insights about buying and selling pest control businesses than those at the center of these transactions, the PMPs who have experienced the roller-coaster ride of emotions that accompany the sale of one’s business?

The PCT Virtual M&A Conference is sponsored by Arrow Exterminators, Rollins and Terminix.