Tucson City Hall Endures Three-Month Bed Bug Battle

Tucson City Hall Endures Three-Month Bed Bug Battle

It took nearly three months for contractors to rid the building of bed bugs, Tucson.com reported.

December 30, 2019

Tucson City Hall has been undergoing three months of bed bug work, including the use of a Phoenix company using bed bug-sniffing canines, Andy Squire, a spokesman for the city confirmed to Tucson.com.

The first report of bed bugs came in late September, with an employee reporting finding a dead bed bug in a file folder on the third floor. A pest control company on contract with the city inspected the third floor and found no evidence of any live bugs, but treated the east half of the floor as a precaution, Tucson.com reported. Subsequent treatments followed, Tucson.com reported.

City officials estimated it cost about $7,853 to get rid of the bed bugs, nearly half went to pay for the bed-bug sniffing dog, according to Tucson.com.

Source: Tucson.com