Varment Guard Announces Acquisition of American Animal Control
Left to right: Jared Miller, Varment Guard Division Director and Tony Siri, Owner, AAC

Varment Guard Announces Acquisition of American Animal Control

American Animal Control (AAC) is based in Syracuse, Ind.


COLUMBUS, Ohio - Varment Guard Wildlife Services of Columbus, Ohio has acquired American Animal Control LLC (AAC), based in Syracuse, Ind.

“Our merger with AAC couldn’t be a better fit,” said Jared Miller, division director of Varment Guard. “We feel like this is great timing for both of our companies. I’m excited to see what is to come as we blend their team into ours.”

The merged company, operating as Varment Guard Wildlife Services, will have a strong, experienced team in the field. The combined service territory includes all of Ohio and Indiana and a portion of each of these states: Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

“We are very excited to be merging with Varment Guard.” says Tony Siri, owner of American Animal Control. “We took our time to find just the right partner who had the infrastructure and management team to take what we built, honor it, and evolve from there. Like AAC, Varment Guard is family-owned and dedicated exclusively to performing high quality wildlife control. And they care about the customer like we do, so we expect a smooth transition.” Siri plans to focus on his other business, AAC Distributing, which designs and develops, manufactures, and distributes wildlife control and exclusion equipment.

Both Varment Guard and American Animal Control are full-service wildlife management service providers with the same exceptional attention to service. Both companies are confident this merger will bring nothing but continued success for their teams and their customers.

Varment Guard Wildlife Services is a division of Plunkett’s Pest Control, based in Minneapolis, Minn.