Versacor Offering a Disinfection Service

Versacor Offering a Disinfection Service

The one-step program treats a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including human coronavirus, Versacor reports.

May 15, 2020

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — Versacor announced it is offering a one-step program that treats a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including human coronavirus.

The service consists of dispersing a fine mist of disinfectant across hard, non-porous surfaces within a facility, focusing on high-touch areas like door handles, desks, and shared surfaces. 

“The disinfectant that we are using is labeled for use in a wide variety of facilities, allowing us to extend this offering to our whole client base,” Ryan Gates, total quality manager, Versacor, said in an email.

Prior to implementing this service, Versacor conducted company-wide training for all personnel via webinar. Service management was given an in-depth lesson on the product being used and the application methods so that they could provide further hands-on training with service specialists in the field.  In addition to the service department, Versacor’s business development team received in-depth training on the disinfectant and application methods.

“Going forward, Versacor is providing regular updates to all personnel to discuss changes to the program and additional information that allows us to operate safely and communicate more effectively with clients regarding disinfectants and disinfecting services,” Gates added.

Jason Eicher, president of Versacor, said in an email that a lot of research, testing and evaluation was conducted before Versacor moved into the training, marketing, and sales phases of the rollout.  “My advice to those interested in developing a disinfection service- do your homework and research before moving too quickly,” Eicher said. “A solid understanding of pathogens, particularly viruses, and dispersal equipment is very important in developing an effective and successful disinfection program.”