Vypin Offers New Mouse-Alert Monitoring System

Vypin Offers New Mouse-Alert Monitoring System

Mouse-Alert reports the status of rodent traps to smartphones or tablets.

June 15, 2018
Edited by the PCT Staff
Alpharetta, Ga. — Vypin announced the launch of its Mouse-Alert rodent monitoring system that monitors and reports the status of rodent capture systems, including spring traps, cages, live catch and release traps and plank traps. Mouse-Alert is a distributed sensor network that works with most off-the-shelf trap brands. The reusable Vypin Mouse-Alert system can scale from home use, to restaurants and retail food stores, to very large-scale industrial sites, such as food preparation or pharmaceutical facilities.

“We didn’t make a better mousetrap – we made a mousetrap better,” said Miles Libbey of Vypin. 

The Mouse-Alert system is easy to set up. Simply turn on the Mouse-Alert sensor and place it in the Alert Pad under the trap. The sensor will arm within 30 seconds and then begin around-the-clock monitoring. The sensor will broadcast the status of the trap every three seconds (up to five-year battery life) to any modern smart phone or tablet outfitted with the free Vypin Mouse-Alert app. Notification of trap activation is both immediate and persistent. For larger operations, use the low-cost fixed gateway to send the sensor data to cloud databases for a local, national or world view, complete with text and push alerts as desired.

Teresa Sengstaken of Vypin said, “Vypin brings years of Internet of Things (IoT) expertise from multiple vertical commercial markets and decades of RFID industrial deployments. Our software is fully integrated with many artificial intelligence engines to provide the option for predictive and prescriptive analytics. This will definitely change the current reactive model of the pest control industry.” The Mouse-Alert system will be available in August and sold as a subscription service.

For more information, visit http://www.vypin.com.