We’re Grateful for PCT’s Highly Engaged Readers

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April 16, 2019

Customer engagement is critical to the success of any business, whether it’s pest control or publishing. But what exactly is customer engagement? It means different things to different people. From a digital perspective, it’s how “connected” your customers are across all of your company’s digital channels (i.e., website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

That’s why forward-thinking PMPs, like you, have put so much time and effort into enhancing the online experience of your customers in recent years. By creating a user-friendly online experience where customers can engage seamlessly across multiple digital platforms, you are deepening your client relationships, forging a connection with your company’s brand and establishing a more loyal customer base.

From a front-line service perspective, it means making sure your technicians are properly trained so they can interact professionally with your clients and deliver quality service each and every time they call on an account. It also means making sure salespeople, customer service representatives and technicians are all singing from the same songbook, creating a consistent brand message with every customer interaction.

“Though some may believe customers’ purchasing decisions are guided primarily by rational thinking, our research has shown otherwise,” according to Gallup, a well-known analytics and advisory company. “Customers form strong emotions about your company based on their experiences with your people — and those emotions strongly influence their buying decisions.”*

One of the things we take great pride in at PCT is the highly engaged nature of our readership. Throughout the year, our readers are more than willing to share their opinions about the editorial content of PCT — both pro and con — with our staff. And our mission is to provide those same readers with properly vetted, unbiased editorial coverage.

It’s why we seek your input via a series of surveys throughout the year, resulting in thought-provoking feature articles and always well-read State of the Industry reports, two of which appear in this month’s issue. So, thank you for taking the time to fill out our surveys when they arrive in your in-box from time to time. Your input is important to us and we don’t take your time and effort in filling out these surveys lightly. We are grateful to have highly engaged readers that are willing to go the extra mile for us.

One final note, in addition to the industry-specific questions we ask in our State of the Industry surveys, we also like to poll our readers on more light-hearted fare. For instance, in our State of the Ant survey, we asked a few questions about Ant-Man and the Marvel movie franchise. The results appear above. Enjoy!

The author is publisher of PCT.

*Source: Gallup Website – Turning Customers Into True Believers: Customer Engagement