Xcluder Offers Loading Dock Protection Against Rodents

Xcluder Offers Loading Dock Protection Against Rodents

The company announced it has expanded its line of rodent-proof products.


BUFFALO GROVE, ILL. – Xcluder is expanding its line of rodent-proof products with the launch of new Dock Door Vertical Side Seals, patented Pull Chain Seals and Dock Leveler Seals with new Slide-’n-Seal technology. The suite of products is designed to safeguard every potential rodent entry point surrounding a loading dock - an area that, left unprotected, provides a popular thoroughfare for rodents and other pests. The Slide-’n-Seal technology allows for easy installation and replacement of existing brush seals.

Xcluder Dock Door Vertical Side Seals protect the small vertical gap on either side of a loading dock door. They feature a durable rubber gasket lined with Xcluder Rodent Proof Fill Fabric - a patented combination of stainless steel and polyfiber that is impenetrable to rats and mice. The rubber gasket creates an energy-saving weatherseal and the fill fabric is the only exclusion product on the market proven effective against rodents by the USDA APHIS Lab. Xcluder’s new Slide-’n-Seal technology means the seals fit most standard brush retainers for easy installation - simply slide out the old brush seal and slide in the new Xcluder seal. Should the Xcluder Vertical Side Seal become damaged from a forklift or other equipment use, it slides out easily for replacement.

Xcluder Pull Chain Seals for Dock Levelers protect the often-overlooked opening surrounding the pull chain on a dock leveler. This small opening provides an ideal entry point for rats and mice because the chain creates a natural ladder for them to climb and the opening is plenty spacious for them to crawl through - rodents only need an opening the size of a dime. Xcluder Pull Chain Seals are easy to install, feature solid cast aluminum construction and completely cover the chain opening. Within minutes, this hidden rodent entry point is dependably safeguarded. Available in three diameter sizes to ensure a proper fit, Xcluder Pull Chain Seals sit completely below the dock plate surface and will not interfere with dock and equipment use.

Xcluder Pest Control Dock Leveler Seals feature durable rubber gaskets and Xcluder fill fabric to create an impenetrable barrier against rodents and pests, unlike brush seals that dent and deform over time creating gaps that rodents can exploit. New Slide-’n-Seal technology means Xcluder Dock Leveler Seals fit most standard brush seal retainers so upgrading is easy and cost-effective.

“The moving parts, tiny gaps, heavy foot traffic and equipment wear and tear of loading docks make them notorious for rodent activity,” said Dave Colbert, Xcluder. “We’re excited to offer our customers a full range of products to completely protect this area and effectively shut down what is otherwise a potential super highway for rats and mice.”

Xcluder’s Loading Dock Rodent-Proof Seals are ideal for food processing and storage facilities, food distribution centers, grocery stores, pet stores, and any location in which the harsh chemicals often used in pest control must be avoided. For complete loading dock protection, it is recommended that the suite of products be used in tandem to avoid any vulnerable access points. Learn more at www.getxcluder.com.