Xcluder Now Offers Lifetime Guarantee

Xcluder Now Offers Lifetime Guarantee

Xcluder sweeps are designed to protect the small gap underneath an exterior door.

May 31, 2017

BUFFALO GROVE, ILL. – Xcluder  is now offering a lifetime guarantee on its Rodent-Proof Commercial Door Sweeps. The sweeps, designed to protect the small gap underneath an exterior door, feature reinforced rubber gaskets lined with Xcluder fill fabric. Xcluder's sharp, coarse fibers cannot be gnawed through by rodents, and its combination of stainless steel and poly-fiber should not rust or degrade over time, the company said.

Xcluder's abrasive fill fabric prevents rodents and insects from entering a building without the use of chemicals. The reinforced rubber gasket keeps drafts and water out, while preventing light, heat and odors from inviting pests in. To remove the need for product trial, the company will now provide a free replacement door sweep in the event any rodent gains entry through an Xcluder Rodent-Proof Commercial Door Sweep.

“We know most of our customers have faced rodent pressure, and we want to reassure them that Xcluder provides a permanent solution that truly works,” said Drew McFadden, director of marketing for Xcluder. “Rodents simply cannot penetrate our door sweeps, and we're proud to stand behind that guarantee.”

Xcluder Pest Control Commercial Door Sweeps are easy to install, the company said, and fit most common door sizes and types. The sweeps feature a sturdy aluminum retainer and stainless steel mounting hardware. Xcluder Door Sweeps are available in 36-inch, 48-inch and 96-inch lengths and are suitable for under door gaps up to ¾ inch.

Learn more at www.getxcluder.com.