Zistos Offers SafeAir Ladder System

Zistos Offers SafeAir Ladder System

The ladder uses sensors to monitor environmental conditions.

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HOLBROOK, N.Y. — Designed to help prevent confined space accidents, the new patent pending SafeAir Ladder from Zistos monitors and reports environmental conditions inside of a confined space. 

The SafeAir Ladder utilizes a gas metering sensor mounted to the base of the ladder and inserted into a confined space. The top of the ladder mounts onto the manway and has an integrated alarm console, which remains outside of the space. It also reports real-time data on the conditions using a wireless network to a mobile device or computer.

This system is intended to act as a secondary safeguard to both reduce the potential for accidents and alerts management that an individual has attempted to enter into a dangerous space without metering the atmosphere first.

For more product information, visit http://www.zistos.com/
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