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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Bed Bug Handbook - The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control

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Bed Bug Handbook

By Lawrence Pinto, Richard Cooper, and Sandra Kraft

Paperback | 275 pages | Illustrated

Published by Pinto & Associates, the Bed Bug Handbook is a complete and up-to-date guide to bed bugs and their control.

Sections include:

  • history and impact of bed bugs
  • bed bug biology and habits
  • how bed bugs spread
  • medical and social considerations of bed bug infestations
  • practical step-by-step guidance for preventing bed bug infestations and for dealing with bed bug outbreaks
  • bed bug inspections
  • checklists for preventing and controlling bed bugs in specific kinds of facilities, such as apartments, hotels, medical facilities, and furniture rental warehouses
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