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The new website is an online resource that highlights the ATAHC Platform.

Screen shot of the new ATAHC website.
Screen shot of the new ATAHC website.
Allergy Technologies

PHILADELPHIA — Allergy Technologies announced the launch of, an online resource that highlights the ATAHC Platform, a program that has cut bed bug reintroductions by more than 95 percent in affordable housing communities. 

The ATAHC Platform is an integrated, property-wide, prevention-based strategy for housing authorities nationwide – improving the lives of residents while saving time and money for property management and staff. ATAHCNow offers comprehensive educational resources including reports and white papers, facts and figures, and FAQs about controlling and preventing bed bugs in community living environments.

“Housing authorities, private management companies, pest management professionals, and affordable housing residents all play a role in controlling and preventing bed bugs,” said Joseph Latino, President of Allergy Technologies. “ATAHC is the only turnkey solution for bed bugs in affordable housing that is poised to change the landscape of community living.” 

Allergy Technologies shared that three-year results from ATAHC’s Bed Bug Program launch throughout Philadelphia Housing Authority properties include:

• 95% of units have not had a reintroduction or re-emergence of bed bugs
• 81% reduction in the number of required thermal treatments
• > 40% operational savings enjoyed by property management

• 40% reduction in technician on-site time

Currently focused on bed bug control and prevention in affordable housing, Allergy Technologies will expand the ATAHC Platform to develop additional programs addressing the high rate of asthma-suffering residents in affordable housing by reducing other structural pests (e.g., rodents, roaches, and house dust mites) and their asthma-triggering allergens. The company will also address health-related hazards common in community living environments.

“We will provide leadership and coordinate individual and professional services in affordable housing communities, creating healthy living environments that the residents in these communities deserve,” concluded Gus Carey, founder and managing director, Allergy Technologies. 

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