Blog Roll

Below is a listing of industry-related blogs. If you would like to have your company’s blog included, please email Brad Harbison.

AAA Trapping

ABC Home and Commercial Services

ABC Humane Wildlife

Active Pest Solutions

Absolute Pest Control

Aceapp Corp.

Aces Pest Control

Active Exterminating (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Adam's Pest Control (Florida)

Adams Pest Control (Minn.)

Accel Termite & Pest Control

Ace Exterminators (West Virginia)

Action Pest Control

Action Pest Control (Indiana)

Advanced Pest Management

Advantage Termite and Pest Control

Alternative Pest Control

Aerex Pest Control

All-American Pest Control (Nashville, TN)

Allergy Technologies

Alliance Pest Services

All Florida Bee Removal Blog

Alliance Pest Control

American Pest Control

American Pest (MD, Washington D.C., NOVA)

AmeriGuard Pest Defense

Anti-Pesto Bug Killers

Apple Pest Control

Arizona Bug Lady

Arizona Pest Control

Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators (Okla.)

Assured Environments

Bed Bugs and Beyond

Bed Bug Force

Bed Bug 911


Bed Bug Solutions



Beucher & Son Termite and Pest Control

Big Blue Bug Solutions (Rhode Island)

Biotech Pest

Bird Barrier

Bird-B-Gone Blog

Bird-X Blog

Blue Jay Termite & Pest Control

Brandon Pest Control Blog

Bug Busters

The Bug Doctor Inc. (Ocala, Fla.)

Bug Evictors


Bulwark Pest Control

Bulwark's Pest Control and Bug Exterminator Blog

Burgess Pest Management

C and E Pest Control

Cantu Pest Control

Cascade Pest Management

Catseye Pest Control

ChemTec Pest Control

City Wide Exterminating

Certified Termite & Pest

City Wide Exterminating

Clark Pest Control

Clegg's Termite & Pest Control Services

Cobra Extermination Company

Compelling Communications

Collins Pest Management

Connor’s Pest Protection

Cowleys Termite & Pest Services

Croach-Pest Control

Daimer Industries

Dayton's Pest Control

deBugged – the Rentokil Pest Control Blog

DFW Rodent

Diomataceous Earth

Earth’s Best Pest Control

Earth Guard Pest Management

Eco Green

Edge Pest Control

Eliminate’em Pest Control Services

Emtec Pest Control 

Entomological Society of America (Certified Entomologist)

EnviroCare Pest Solutions

EnviroCon Termite & Pest

Environmental Heat Solutions


EnviroTech Exterminating


Essential Pest Management

EUI Pest

Expest Exterminating


Fall Guys

Felipe's Exterminating


First Choice Environmental

FMC Pest Wire

Future Services Inc.

Get Bats Out

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

GGA Pest Management

Gold Miner Pest Control

Go-pher The Kill – Gopher & Pest Control

Green Bones Pest Control

Green Giant

Greenleaf Organic Pest Management

Green Pest Solutions

Griffin Pest Solutions

Gunter Pest Management

H&H Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management

Holder's Pest Solutions (South Texas)

HomeTown Pest Control

Heron Lawn & Pest Control

Hogarth Pest Control

HomePro Pest Control

Hullet Environmental Services

Hunter Pest Control

Hygiene Partners

Illinois Bed Bug Dog

I Pest Control (Bahrain)

Innovative Pest Control

Innovative Pest Solutions

Intrusion Pest Control

IPM Pest Control

IPM in Schools: The Nebraska Experience

IPM Services

Insects in the City

Insight Pest Solutions

Island Pest Control  

John's Pest Control

JP McHale Blog

Killroy Pest Control

K-9 Sweeps

Lakewood Plant and Pest

Larue Pest Management, Inc. (Fort Myers, FL)

Manning Brothers Pest Control

Markle Pest Free Blog

Massey Services

Masters Touch Pest Solutions

McCall Service

McCauley Services

Miller Pest & Termite (Des Moines, IA)

Miller Enviro-Care

MiteBuster BedBug & Pest Control

Modern Pest Services

Mosquito Killers

Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Patrol

Moxie Pest Control of Northern Virginia

Moyer | Outdoor

New Tech Bio

Northeastern Exterminating (Brooklyn)

Northwest Exterminating (Tucson, Ariz)

Northwest Exterminating (Marietta, Ga.)

NPMA PestWorld Blog

Optimal Pest Solutions (Arkansas)

Parkway Pest Services (New York)

PermaTreat Pest Control

PestPac Software Blog

Pest Control Center

The Pest Control Expert

Pest Control Marketing

Pest Control Matrix

Pest Deals

Pest Free

Pestpro Insect Identification




Pest Talk

Pioneer Pest Management & Mosquito Misting

Pinnacle Pest Control

Plunkett’s Pest Control


The Potomac Company

Prime Pest Solutions

ProActive Pest Management

ProBest Pest Management

Proof Pest Control

Protex Pest Control

Pro Pacific Pest Control

Ram Exterminators

Rat Control Blog

Recent Bee Removals

Redwine Pest Control


Rest Easy Pest Control

Reynolds Pest Management

Richardson Pest Solutions

RJS Pest Management

Romar Pest Control

Rose Pest Solutions

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solution

Safari Termite and Pest Control

Safe Pest Control Reno

Sandwich Isle Pest Control

Schendel Pest Services

Scherzinger Termite and Pest Control

Sovereign Pest Control

Sprague Pest Solutions

Sprayer Depot

Statewide Termite & Pest Control

Standard Pest Management

Steam Cleaner Machines Blog

Stern's Chatter by Stern Environmental Group

Suburban Exterminating

Sunstate Pest Management

Termite Control Today

Termites 101

Termite Institute

The Bug Man

Think Service

Tiger Termite

Titus Pest Control

Thompson Brothers Extermination

Top Choice Pest Control

Triangle Pest Control

Triple S Services

TruForce Pest Control

Truly Nolen 

Tucson Exterminating

Ultra Pest Control

URC Global Care Sdn Bhd

U.S. Pest Protection

Waltham Pest Services

Warrior Pest Control

Watts Pest Prevention 

Western Exterminator

Western Pest Control

Western Pest Services - Residential

Western Pest Services - Commercial

The Whitworth Pest Solutions Blog

Why-U-Buggin Pest Control

Wil-Kil Pest Control

Witt Pest Management (Greater Pittsburgh)

Vaughn Pest Control