Business Booster Webinar: Wood, Beetles And Buildings

December 7, 2021

Thank you for viewing the Wood, Beetles And Buildings Business Booster Webinar, sponsored by Nisus Corporation. Below are some reference materials supplied by PCT magazine, Dr. Michael Potter, and Nisus Corporation. 

Your Guide to Powderpost Beetles - Click here to Download

Old House Borer - Click here to Download

Wood boring beetles aren’t as prevalent as termites, but are often misdiagnosed and mishandled. Infestations also tend to be litigious. This talk will transport you into beetle-infested buildings and provide tips for diagnosing and managing infestations. Just enough biology to be useful, the presentation includes several case studies and how they were handled. Tips for staying out of trouble and avoiding lawsuits are provided as well. SPEAKER: Dr. Michael Potter, Professor Emeritus, University of Kentucky SPEAKER: Harry Bryan, Territory Manager, Nisus Corporation