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November 22, 2013
PCT Magazine


Flexible and versatile, the Bird-Zap Shock Track from Nixalite of America offers coverage against bird pressure, the firm says. When touched, Bird-Zap delivers a short burst of electricity, shocking intruding birds with enough power to create a memorable discomfort without harming them in any way, the company said, adding that the birds then learn to associate any area with the shock track installed as a “no-land zone.”

Made of flexible, UV-resistant PVC, the low-profile bird deterrent strips fit the contour of nearly any infested area and attach easily to most surfaces to protect signs, roof peaks, ledges and many other hard-to-protect areas, according to Nixalite.

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Bayer Environmental Science

Bayer Environmental Science has added directions for the control of ants to the Premise Pre-Construction product label. Premise Pre-Construction, a flexible, easy-to-use insecticide, offers effective control of subterranean termites and now ants, the firm said. Bayer says the Premise Pre-Construction label now includes the following application claims and benefits:

  • Application to voids and galleries in damaged wood, and in spaces between wooden structures as a supplemental treatment for the control of carpenter ants.
  • Application to general surfaces, cracks or crevices for the control of ants in houses or other structures.
  • A 2.15-gallon container size for PMPs who utilize large tank sprayers.

Premise Pre-Construction is a suspension concentrate; 1 gallon of the product contains 2 pounds of imidacloprid.

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Bell Laboratories

Bell Laboratories’ new 2013-14 Rodent Control Product Guide and its accompanying MSDS & Label Guide are now available through Bell distributors and technical sales representatives.

New this year, Bell compiled Material Safety Data Sheets and product labels for its rodenticides into a separate 28-page MSDS & Label Guide, which the firm says is a time-saving tool for pest control technicians on the job. Labels and MSDSs also can be digitally downloaded from Bell’s website.

Bell’s updated 20-page Product Guide is a comprehensive listing of Bell’s line of rodenticides, bait stations, mechanical traps and glue traps. Product pages feature full-color photos, along with bulleted product features, packaging info, product code and dimensions, and EPA registration numbers for rodenticides.

As in previous catalogs, product pages are organized with colored tabs according to product type for easy referencing.

Another feature of the catalog are the two, two-page reference charts. The rodenticide chart gives an at-a-glance listing of Bell’s 15 rodenticides with active ingredient, product features, uses and other helpful information. A second chart lists the features and uses of Bell’s bait stations, traps and accessories.

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Anstar Products

Anstar Products has released new features for its pest management software, Fieldwork, providing users with access to automated appointment confirmation emails and scheduling text alerts to technicians in the field. Automated appointment confirmation emails allow customers to be notified of upcoming appointments, and provides an online form for them to confirm appointments. The text alerts for scheduling changes notify field technicians of scheduling changes for the current day. New and rescheduled appointments instantly trigger a text message to the technician and reflect the change in the service app schedule.

Fieldwork customers also can access Anstar’s global PDF document database and customer portal, which includes integrated PayPal payments. These features are included on all Fieldwork Accounts at no additional charge. PDF forms can be attached to one-time or recurring appointments and printed in lieu of traditional service tickets or attached as addendums. The database includes forms such as state-specific termite reports, service agreements and contracts. Customers also can upload company-specific forms and documents, which are kept private and are only available to them. Fieldwork customers can now enable a secure personalized customer portal, providing 24/7 online access to service history and invoices, and allows for integrated payments via Paypal. The company also recently released an Android App, updated iOS App and bluetooth mobile printing features.

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