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Friday, January 30, 2015

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PCT Field Guide for the Mgmt of Structure-Infesting Flies

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By Stoy A. Hedges; Dan Moreland, Editor

ISBN 1-883751-06-3 | Published 1994 | Paperback | 151 pp | illus

This publication is written for the progressive industry professional and provides an in-depth look at the three classes of flies frequently encountered by PCOs: small flies, filth flies, and nuisance flies.

Included are tips for basic identification, a brief taxonomic key, management strategies, a special chapter discussing insect light traps, more than 20 case histories involving fly control, and a list of leading fly control product manufacturers. The guide also includes a special color slide section of commonly encountered flies, and each chapter provides PCOs with helpful inspection tips, steps to more accurate identification, key biology points and effective management strategies.

Chapters include:

  • Basic Identification Tips for Flies
  • Brief Taxonomic Key for Commonly Encountered Flies
  • Strategies for Managing Fly Infestations
  • Insect Light Traps
  • Small Flies
  • Filth Flies
  • Nuisance Flies
  • Control of Other Flying Insects
  • Case Studies


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